Lily Allen Furious With The New York Times

is sounding off on the New York Times after agreeing to an interview recently and allowing one of their photographers to take pictures of her London home under an agreement that they not resell the images to tabloids, only to find them appearing in the British tabloid OK!. The British pop singer writes on her blog at MySpace (@lilymusic):

Now, last week, when I was in LA I got this email from Murray Chalmers, who does my press in the UK “this is exactly why I want everyone to use photo contracts! I don’t know who these at home pics were done for but they have been sold to OK which is a pain in the arse as it looks like we have done OK…”

There was then a link to OK’s website with the tagline “World Exclusive, At home with Lily Allen”. Needless to say I was mortified, in fact I was in tears, 6 photos of inside my home for everyone to see, and a made up interview that was very misleading. All this because I’d let the NYT photographer into my home. I was furious and got on the phone immediately. I assumed we had one of these contracts in place, but the American PR agency assured me the NYT have an unwritten agreement with the PR’s and nothing like this has ever happened before, they were as upset and angry as I am.

In the end I got an apology from OK, but the NYT refuse to accept what they have done is morally wrong. Everybody assures me this is completely unheard of for the NYT to act in such a cheap and disgusting way.

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4 thoughts on “Lily Allen Furious With The New York Times

  1. anonymous says:

    The paper’s are always writing that Lily Allen rant’s about things. Well thous are words she most likely didn’t say. And these are words that she did say Good for Lily Allen!

  2. anonymous says:

    If a day were to go by where, these stories were not negative or imply a negative suggestion, Lily Allen would not need to write this blog. The New York Times, condones there actions as normal business practice, as long as they are not the one that wrote the story, however I consider them to be an accessory after the fact, still guilty none the less. These tabloid magazines, are responsible for the damage. Not only to the expectations of her music, but in affecting her personality. O.K. magazine The Sun co. U.K. The Mirror U.K. The Daily Mail The Guardian U.K. all show a pattern of abuse without cause. It’s rather ironic that Lily Allen suggested that she did a photo shoot and an interview for the Guardian U.K. but she forgot to mention that the interview was on video only. I believed that after reading Miranda Sawyers slanderous (cruel and then kind) fabricated interview. Lily Allen is not angry at any of the people, that then tabloids write about. She’s angry with the tabloids. Her priorities in that matter are correct. if you believe then (and not her (YOUR) priorities are wrong!

  3. honeyrose says:

    Which part of the word exclusive don’t they understand at the NYT? All this does is queer the pitch for all celebrity interviews everywhere as no one will now give an interview without demanding control of the accompanying photos. Result – income stream dries up for syndicated photo sales. Nice one NYT.

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