Lily Allen: I Got Very Drunk Last Night, Too Drunk

checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@lilymusic) on Wednesday (June 4), admitting she partied a little too hard in at last night’s Glamour Women of the Year awards, where the singer picked up the Editor’s Special prize for her multifaceted career. “If I’d known I was going to win something I wouldn’t have worn a decapitated Bambi dress,” Allen said accepting the honor. “Last time I wrote here, I was defending my honor and dignity, explaining my innocence and also outrage at the press for insinuating my behavior was embarrassing,” Lily writes. “This time I’m putting my hands up, I got very drunk last night, too drunk. It’s not cool getting that drunk, I feel awful and I have to thank my little brother Alf for getting me home safely. Kids, drink responsibly or you’ll end up looking like this, not pretty! Was quite fun though, from what I can remember. Need fry up now.”

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