Lily Allen Is A Twitter Trendsetter

made gestures towards the paparazzi as she was seen walking down the street in London, England on Wednesday (March 10). Pictures from have since been removed. The British pop singer entertained herself on Twitter (@lilyroseallen) on Thursday, starting trending topics, having trouble with the number sign (#) on her keyboard, and weighing in on the popularity enjoys on the micro blogging site. Lily writes:

It’s funny that people assume I’d be more upset at being called fat than a whore. oh god….
I can’t find the hashtag key on my macbook but: fatorwhore hashtag ?
Wow, I started a trending topic that got in the top 10. HILARIOUS !!!!!!!
I had no idea who this #justinbieber person was, just found out he’s that kid that’s always on the TV when im in the gym. He’s about 5 right
Unburies head from sand
I might stalk him

Note: The image provided by Bauer Griffin has since been removed.

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