Lily Allen Lays Off The Cigarettes After Asthma Attacks

Lily Allen

revealed that she’s suffered a pair of asthma attacks this week in postings at her Twitter account (@lilyroseallen). ‘The Fear’ singer writes:

Had a major choking fit on that falafel earlier, which then turned into an asthma attack. Second one of the week “lays off fags”. Eeuugh

There’s still felafel coming out of my nose.

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3 thoughts on “Lily Allen Lays Off The Cigarettes After Asthma Attacks

  1. Bulldog says:

    Either story, doesn’t really clarify what happened. Lily Allen, choked on some felafel , and writes which then turns into an asthma attack, is it because of what people wrote or did she really have an asthma attack? Confused??

  2. Emma says:

    FELAFEL! coming out of her nose, that’s funny

  3. Nikki Noodles says:

    Lily Allen had an asthma attack, it’s written on her twitter page. (thanks to Pop Dirt, you used a valid source of information. Lily Allen was not drunk at her meet & greet in Utah, that’s when the first attack happened.

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