Lily Allen Rejects Nepotism Charge

Though Lily Allen’s father Keith Allen is also a prominent media player and her uncle is film director Kevin Allen (‘Twin Town’, ‘Cody Banks 2’), the singer downplays her celebrity bloodline. “True, I’ve got good contacts because my parents happen to work in the media – not that that’s a better world to be in than any other,” Lily tells The Belfast Telegraph. “People get arsey about nepotism. But at the same time, if your dad’s a butcher it’s quite likely when you’re 15 years old, you’ll be working in the butchers at the weekend. It’s like, where else am I supposed to go? But my dad hasn’t had anything to do with my music career at all. Up until a month ago, my dad hadn’t even met my manager. This is something that I very much went and did on my own. It’s something that I’m proud of and it p**ses me off a bit when people assume that I did it all through my contacts. It’s true that people might have listened to me a little bit more because of who my dad was, but it doesn’t mean that I used him for it.”

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