Lily Allen Shocked By Laura White’s ‘X Factor’ Exit

checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace on Saturday (November 8), reacting to Laura White being eliminated and not taking part during Mariah Carey week due to illness. The British singer songwriter tells readers:

Right, I think we were all a little shocked right? Laura didn’t deserve to go in my opinion, neither did Ruth (my personal favorite). I’ve been left feeling quite upset by the whole of tonight’s show. I can not believe that week after weak, Daniel the pool man is still in, people are quite mad, I’m sure.

Now, I don’t know what people think on here, and I understand that she was ill, but out of respect to Laura, I think should have to sing a Mariah Carey song next week, I’m sure she’s capable of rising to the challenge, I just don’t think it’s fair otherwise. Everyone needs to be judged in the same way or the whole thing becomes meaningless. Let me know your thoughts … lily x

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One thought on “Lily Allen Shocked By Laura White’s ‘X Factor’ Exit

  1. shell says:

    Hey Lillie, I agree with you about the Diana Vickers getting a free pass for so say being ill, if she was that poorley I don’t think she should of been out on bonfire night with the rest of the finalist then not sing last night, I also think she should step up to the challange of singing a Mariah Carey song,, not fair that Laura went last night I also think that Rachel should of been the one to have gone…

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