Lily Allen’s ‘Monotone, Miserable’ Vocals Perfect For Kaiser Chiefs

Kaiser Chiefs guitarist Andrew White spoke with Australia’s Beat magazine about teaming up with Mark Ronson on their new album ‘Off With Their Heads’, with led to Ronson’s pal making a contribution to the disc, singing backing vocals on ‘Always Happens Like That’ and ‘Never Miss a Beat’.

“Lily, I think, was bored,” White suggested, “or something and just wanted to hang out in the studio – she knows Mark quite well. She was just hanging out all day really, being a nuisance, so we decided to get her into the vocal booth to see what she could give us. We wanted a vocal tone that was kind of monotone, miserable and pissed off, and we were listening to Lily and she sounded perfect.”

The full story at has since been removed.

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