Linda Perry Connects Christina Aguilera To Her Dark Energy

Linda Perry spoke with the New York Times about working with younger female singers, and the advice she’s given to them — including to Christina Aguilera. “All these young girls that I work with, they’ve had screwed-up lives, and they have a lot of issues with physical abuse and other things,” Perry explained. “I think how I got the job with was, I ran into her at a club and told her that she should really tap into her own depression for the record, use that dark energy. She dropped her mouth to the floor, she was so shocked. But I got a call from her a week later. Basically, I’m happy being miserable, and I will forever write sensitive, abuse-type songs.”

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2 thoughts on “Linda Perry Connects Christina Aguilera To Her Dark Energy

  1. ray says:

    I love Linda Perry……………. forever

  2. ray says:

    I would marry her if I had the chance. Just tell me she’s still alive. LINDA PERRY

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