Lindi Ortega Checks In After Touring The West Coast

updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@lindimusic) on Monday (October 27). The Toronto pop singer tells readers:

Touring was pretty amazing. Being out on the open road, stopping in different cities along the way, making new friends, seeing new things…and of course, playing music for people!

My last few dates of the tour were Oregon, San Fran, and Los Angeles.

They were all great places to visit. I had been to LA before, but every time I’m there I discover something new, and this particular time I discovered Venice Beach. There were men on roller skates doing their best Jimi Hendrix impression, there was a palm readers that looked like a cross between a wizard and a mad scientist, a most beautiful sunset, and lots of little vendors up and down the strip selling all sorts of magical trinkets!

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