Lindi Ortega Inspired By Frida Kahlo To Be A Painter

Lindi Ortega

checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@lindimusic) on Wednesday (January 13), talking about her foray into painting. The Canadian singer songwriter tells readers:

I wanted to tell you, my amigos, that Frida Kahlo (the Mexican artist) has inspired me to be a painter. As I type this, her portrait is staring at me and telling me I have a lot to learn..

BUT.. I am eager to learn and I find it a very soulful experience.

My muse for painting.. is Dia De Los Muertos (day of the dead) and painting skeletons.

It’s creepy and wonderful. I’ve always had a fascination with bones. Hence why my MySpace profile photo is of ME with a Thorax and some Hummingbirds! I have a deep affection for our feathered friends also.

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