Lindi Ortega Wraps Up Cross Canada Tour With Keane & Lights

updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@lindimusic) on Sunday ( 27), talking about her recently completed tour of Canada with and Keane, being inspired to become a vegetarian after watching the documentary ‘Food Inc’, and having her album pushed back from a September release to 2010. The Canadian singer songwriter tells readers:

So what’s new in the world of Lindi-loo!? Well I just came back from a cross Canada tour with Keane and Lights. I have decided that The Rockies are some of the most stunning, picturesque scenery I have ever driven through. I got a real feel for how gargantuan a country Canada is, the longest stretch for me being 16.5 hours in a car from Thunder Bay to Toronto. Driving across the country made me feel very proud to be Canadian. I was blown away by how nice the people were in every province! I sincerely wanted to tattoo a Canadian flag on my arse after this tour.. but instead.. I bought a Canadian flag sticker and put it on my guitar case!

Keane were a great band to watch every night. They are all so immensely talented and put on a real energetic engaging performance every single night… and that Tom fellow can certainly sing! They were such nice fellows, as were their entire crew. More people from planet nice! :)

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