Lindsay Kirstiuk Is Becoming Avril Lavigne

The Canadian Press reports 16-year-old Lindsay Kirstiuk was surprised on her first day back to Archbishop MacDonald High School by a camera crew telling her she had won MTV’s Becoming competition. The happy student was then flown to Los Angeles where she’ll spend the next three days filming the episode.

Was Like A Deer In The Headlights On TRL

September 3, 2002 – MTV Total Request Live producer David George posted the TRL Diary for the week beginning August 19. Commenting on the appearance by on August 22, George said, “Originally we wanted her to back announce Good Charlotte and have her introduce Shakira… but she really wasn’t comfortable with it, so we had to have Damien sprint upstairs to cover the read. I think the insanity of it all kinda frazzled her, cause the rest of the first segment she looked like a deer in headlights… but after a while she warmed up. I think Damien did a good job pulling her out of the funk. TV and all this fame is so new to her. She really is a normal teenager just thrust into the spotlight. I was talking with her before the show, and she was telling me how she loves to hunt! Can you believe that? We were trying to come up with dares for her to do… a couple that almost happened: Putting on a dress and high heels or dressing up like Britney Spears. We couldn’t put the 2 together in time, so we came up with something fast – kissing an audience member’s foot.”

‘Idol’ Kelly Says No Hard Feelings Towards Avril

September 3, 2002 – Kelly Clarkson was on Fox News the other day and explained the incident at the MTV Video Music Awards when she presented the best new artist award to Avril Lavigne. While some thought Avril was kind of giving her the brush off, Kelly admitted she wasn’t really familiar with the award process and didn’t know if she was supposed to hug or not, and that Avril needed time to make her acceptance speech due to time constraints.

Avril Kissing Purple-Haired Boyfriend

September 3, 2002 – The New York Post reports Avril Lavigne – weaving and kissing with her purple-haired boyfriend – nearly got mowed down by the huge security guards running to the back of Cipriani for Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs’ ‘Greatest Party of All Time’ for a showdown with Ja Rule’s entourage.

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  1. Ollie says:

    I remember this episode wayy back in 2001! Damn, wish I could see it again!

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