Lindsay Lohan Aims For Mature Look

Sandro Monetti of Sky News reports that has hired a stylist to re-evaluate her wardrobe and get rid of all the clothes which make her look like a teenager. “I am going for a more sophisticated look,” Lohan revealed.

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6 thoughts on “Lindsay Lohan Aims For Mature Look

  1. popstar says:

    *snicker* that won’t last long once she finds out sophisticated people don’t dress like strippers:)

  2. jazzprofounder says:

    lol, let me guess, “sophisticated” means wearing next to nothing instead of actually wearing clothes like sophisticated people do?

  3. astrange1 says:

    What’s the point? After six months of starving herself and sticking her nose on toilet seats, she already looks 40 anyway.

  4. jeepgrrl says:

    She is blowing her shot at lasting stardom.’, ‘She burst on to the scene looking healthy, happy, sassy, etc. Was a really beautiful girl with her own special look – the great auburn hair, a very healthy, curvy physique. What in the world has happened to her? I’m afraid it’s too late to rescue her from the Hollywood cesspool, she’s already drowning in it.

  5. SkItTleZzZ_n_DeLiLah says:

    sophisticated? meaning..the Laura Bush attire her buddy Herpes Hilt donned for six seconds after her porno came out? or is she getting that word mixed up with slutty, skanky, sleazy, skeevy……all ‘s’. I can see how she would make that mistake.

  6. ihatehilary says:

    but I think the anorexia and skin bleaching and coke is making her look aged enough. err, I mean mature enough. take it easy lindsay. you don’t wanna go too far and look as old as Hilary does do you?

    is she going to buy other clothes then? it just says she is getting rid of all her clothes. is it “that” kind of sophiscated? too bad she didn’t decide to do this before when she was actually hot, huh astrange1? oh well, you’ll still look at her pictures. it’s the next closest thing to that lesbian photoshoot you’ve been wetting yourself over.

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