Lindsay Lohan And Bruce Willis? Don’t Go There

Lindsay Lohan responded to the gossip that she “enjoyed a mutual gropefest” with 50-year-old actor Bruce Willis following the premiere of ‘Hostage’. The teen queen told Us Weekly, “It’s not necessary to go there – I’m 18! It’s silly!”

Whatcha Doin’ In The Bathroom, Lindsay Lohan?

The New York Daily News reports Lindsay Lohan and pals spent a lot of time in the bathroom the other night at Da Silvano. “There were six girls and one guy, all of them tiny,” a spy said. “All the girls got up to use the bathroom two or three times during dinner. But then when I went, the toilet was clogged. It didn’t look like it had been working all night.”

Lindsay Lohan Upset With Johnny Knoxville

The New York Daily News reports Lindsay Lohan is still steaming at Johnny Knoxville for ditching her outside a nightclub in New Orleans when they were both filming in the city. The club wouldn’t let the underaged Lohan inside, and Knoxville decided to party with his male pals and leave her outside.

Lizzie Grubman: Lindsay Lohan’s ‘So Played’

Lizzie Grubman’s new MTV show ‘PoweR Girls’ features the public relations woman rip on teen queen Lindsay Lohan. “She’s so played,” Grubman sneers. “Who does she think she is? She’s going out every night of the week … I mean the girl is like Tara Reid.”

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2 thoughts on “Lindsay Lohan And Bruce Willis? Don’t Go There

  1. allen says:

    While there is a big age difference Lindsay is 18 and if they both wanted to date they should

  2. jane says:

    They really did, too, though this was 5 years ago.

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