Lindsay Lohan And Bruce Willis In Mutual Gropefest

As Bruce Willis prepares to turn 50 later this month, the actor enjoyed a mutual gropefest with 18-year-old Lindsay Lohan after the premiere of his new flick ‘Hostage’ at Peninsula Hotel. “At one point, Bruce had Lindsay’s pants down far enough to reveal a tattoo that said ‘La Bella Vista’ (The Beautiful View) on her right cheek,” a witness revealed. Eventually, Willis and a few friends, including Lohan, took the party upstairs to his suite.

Update: Reps for both Lindsay Lohan and Bruce Willis are shooting down reports in The New York Post that the pair were groping after the ‘Hostage’ premiere on Tuesday night. “She is not interested in Bruce Willis in any way but as the producer of her next film [‘Just My Luck’],” Lohan’s rep insisted to The Post. Willis’ rep said their relationship is purely professional.

Lindsay Lohan: I’m Not Anorexic

In the April issue of W magazine, Lindsay Lohan defends herself from charges that she is anorexic after her recent and dramatic weight loss. “Even the doctor (I saw) today, he was like, ‘Are you anorexic? Are you making yourself throw up? Are drugs involved?’,” she revealed. “And I was like, ‘Are you saying this because you’ve read it in magazines? Because I don’t!’ People lose weight when they grow up; they lose their baby fat.” Lohan then cited her Vanity Fair photo shoot with other young stars such as Mandy Moore and rival Hilary Duff. “No one ate,” she said. “I was going straight to the pasta, and the other girls were eating salad. And I’m the one people say [has an eating disorder]?”

Lindsay Lohan Dating McFly’s Harry

News of the World reports McFly’s Harry Judd has been dating his ‘Just My Luck’ co-star Lindsay Lohan. “Harry had the hots for her the moment he saw her,” a friend of the 19-year-old percussionist revealed. “They started off as friends, mucking around together on set and it has gone on from there. They’ve been out a few times and are taking things slowly.”

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5 thoughts on “Lindsay Lohan And Bruce Willis In Mutual Gropefest

  1. malibu says:

    I don’t know if I believe that or not. I like Bruce Willis, and don’t get me wrong he looks pretty good at 50, and I know he’s a ladies man, but I don’t think he would party with lindsay lohan. plus who the heck would get that tattooed on their ass? just wondering.

  2. Honeycomb says:

    Is every man in Hollywood a freakin pedophile? What the hell is he thinking, she’s young enough to be his daughter. What the hell is she thinking, he’s a dirty ole man.

  3. TheAngryPrincess says:

    Nicholas Cage married an 18 year old last year or the year before, didn’t he? Maybe kids are in! :-) I suppose Lindsay is old enough to know what she is doing. It’s keeps her in the tabloids anyway… And any publicity is good publicity, apparently.

  4. Potrzebie says:

    I don’t know about pedophile (being attracted to children before they reach puberty), but maybe 75% of the heterosexual men in Hollywood will always be attracted to the 18 year old age range no matter how old they get. Come to think of it, so do I. No matter how old I get, I can’t get attracted to females with wrinkles, fat bellies, varicose veins, triple chins, etc.

  5. Pheobe says:

    Lindsay’s giving Christina Aguilera a run for the title queen of WHORES. With Christina record I doubt Lindsay will claim that title.

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