Lindsay Lohan And Hilary Duff Now Have The Same Reps

After recently signing Lindsay Lohan, The New York Post reports that CAA just secretly inked a deal to rep rival teen queen Hilary Duff. “They’re keeping it quiet because they don’t want to anger Lindsay,” an insider tells revealed. “She’ll be very upset when she finds out.” A CAA rep downplayed any tension, insisting, “We don’t represent Hilary for acting, only music.”

Lohan’s Mom: Dad’s Deals Have Put House At Risk

Lindsay Lohan’s mom Dina claims she’s on the verge of losing the teen star’s Long Island home away from Hollywood thanks to a shady business deal by her husband Michael, the New York Daily News has learned.

Ugly Rivalry Painted Between Lohan/Hilton Vs. Simpson Sisters

If e-mails posted from Paris Hilton’s hacked T-Mobile account at are authentic, a fierce rivalry between Hilton and her pal is apparently going on with Jessica Simpson and sister Ashlee Simpson that makes Lohan’s ‘Mean Girls’ pale in comparison.

One e-mail from Paris to Lindsay said, “Ashley (sic) just won female artist of the year and everyone booed her. So fu**in funny.” Lindsay’s e-mails point to shocking allegations about Jessica which if true might explain the recently hospitalized star’s rapid weight loss, and a suggestion to set up her sister Ashlee under similar circumstances.

The cattiness between them may lend support to the earlier alleged note on Paris’ Sidekick that Hilton was trying to plant gossip about Jess (Jessica Simpson?) “trying to bone” JT (Justin Timberlake?) to Ken (Us Weekly’s West Coast Editor Ken Baker?).

Lindsay Lohan’s Grandmother In Tears Over Son’s Car Wreck

The New York Daily News reports Lindsay Lohan’s grandmother broke down yesterday following a hearing for the pop princess’ troubled dad, saying extreme stress led her son to wreck his car Saturday. “I’m upset and I’m disappointed that all this is happening,” said a distraught Marilyn Lohan, mother of Lindsay’s dad, Michael. “He was doing so well. I don’t know why he had to drive.”

Jessica Alba’s Got Beef With Lindsay Lohan

Ellen K of KIIS FM reports that Jessica Alba has been bashing teen queen Lindsay Lohan lately. With 4 movies coming out this year, Alba says she is a bigger star than Lohan, and that she only makes half of what the ‘Mean Girls’ star get per film at around $3 million. The ‘Dark Angel’ beauty added that she isn’t fat with freckles either.

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2 thoughts on “Lindsay Lohan And Hilary Duff Now Have The Same Reps

  1. astrange1 says:

    This is hilarious!! CAA probably rushed to sign Hilary days after the Lindsay coke revelations went public. Now Hilary shows up doing god knows what in some of NYs stranger bars. Plus they have to Lindsay have a hissy fit when she finds out she’s been *****-slapped by her rival.

  2. ihatehilarythemostofall says:

    damn, Hilary IS a little business b.itch. she must know that if they can make Lindsay look like a normal teenage girl and make her career look relevant, they can make Hilary’s music look good too!

    they must both need the press! their CDs are flopping, especially Hilary’s. and their new movies are going to bomb too. they need the attention for when they release their next singles! so they need to restart their feud!

    Yeah. Hilary is such a copy cat, isn’t she?’, ‘the sick obsessed b.itch just keeps getting weirder. now she’s desperately trying to BE a twin! she must have scared her imaginary one away when she tried to eat it’s muff. now she’s so hard up, she’ll even be Lindsay’s!

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