Lindsay Lohan And Jamie Burke At The Ivy

Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Burke were photographed at The Ivy in Beverly Hills. An onlooker said, “Lindsay arrived with one of her girlfriends but then Jamie came along and joined the group. Lindsay had a big smile on her face when she left the restaurant.” Check out pictures from X17.

Ashton Worried Lindsay’s A Bad Influence On Rumer

Life & Style reports Ashton Kutcher is worried Lindsay Lohan is a bad influence on his stepdaughter Rumer Willis. “Education is very important to Ashton,” a source tells the mag, “and he’s afraid Rumer will think partying is better than studying.” Rumer doesn’t appear to be paying much attention to her stepdad though, as the source added, “Rumer can’t stop gushing about how cool Lindsay is. Rumer feels honored by Lindsay’s attention.”

Lindsay Lohan To Take Year Off From Acting

Conan O’Brien joked during his Late Night monologue on Friday night, “Lindsay Lohan’s in the news. Lindsay Lohan recently said in an interview she wants to take a year off from acting. Yeah, apparently, Lohan said that her acting is getting in the way of her drinking.”

Lindsay Lohan Gets Served

Henry Flores of blogged about assisting a process server in handing Lindsay Lohan legal papers subpoenaing her to appear in court at the 21st Annual American Cinematheque Award Honoring George Clooney. Flores writes that after Lohan was served by the woman who claimed to have been seeking the 20-year-old’s autograph, “Lindsay’s face turned ghostly. She looks at the papers and in shock, drops them to the floor. Then Lindsay starts running after the process server. She calls security, but it was too late. They stopped her because it was a legal matter.” Read more, and check out pictures, here.

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