Lindsay Lohan And Jared Leto Go Public With Romance

and Jared Leto are now a public couple, according to The New York Daily News. Leto joined Lohan at Bungalow 8 along with Ashley Olsen to celebrate her impending ‘TRL’ #1 video ‘Confessions of a Broken Heart’. “Pals confirm that they’re ready to ‘fess up to the attachment,” according to Ben Widdicombe.

Lindsay Lohan: I’ll Be Blonde Again Soon

Us Weekly caught up with Lindsay Lohan to ask the singer/actress about her latest hair color change. “It’s for a movie, ‘Bobby’,” Lohan said. “I’m going even darker.” Asked how long she’d keep the current shade, Lohan responded, “I have to [go back to blonde] for another movie in January.”

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