Lindsay Lohan And Riley Giles Exiting AA Meeting

was spotted flashing a peace sign while departing an AA meeting with her fellow recovering boyfriend Riley Giles. The 21-year-old sported a body hugging grey top, an oversized scarf, and her trademark black leggings. Check out pictures from X17.

Leaving Thalians Mental Health Center

was spotted leaving the Thalians Mental Health Center at Cedars-Sinai Sunday night (October 28) in Los Angeles. The center’s web site says they offer “crisis intervention, counseling, therapy, day treatment and long-term care, all on a sliding-scale fee based on ability to pay.” Check out pictures from X17.

Lindsay Lohan’s Dad Says Don’t Judge Riley Giles

In an interview with ‘Extra’, Lindsay Lohan’s father Michael gives his blessing to the singer/actress’ new boyfriend, skateboarder Riley Giles, who has been arrested for forging prescriptions for the drug Xanax and twice for DUI infractions. “Riley is a good kid,” he said. “He comes from a good family. It’s not about what we did in the past. It’s about righting those wrongs.” Michael added, “I don’t think anyone has the right to judge Riley. They [Lindsay & Riley] keep each other in line. They go to meetings with one another.”

Lindsay Lohan Smoking At Orso

Lindsay Lohan was spotted at Orso in West Hollywood for lunch on October 17th with a mystery blonde woman, enjoying a cigarette before exiting to be greeted by about 20 paparazzi.

Lindsay Lohan Visits Hollywood Dance Center

Lindsay Lohan visited the Hollywood Dance Center in Hollywood, California on Tuesday (October 16), preparing for her role in the upcoming movie ‘Dare to Love Me’. The 21-year-old stars in the story of Tango legend Carlos Gardel, who was involved in a steamy romance with a prostitute, only to have his world shattered by a bullet that kills her and leaves him crippled with a fragment in his lung for life.

Video from has since been removed.

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