Lindsay Lohan And Samantha Ronson Argue Along The Streets Of New York

Justin Rocket Silverman blogged in the New York Post about running into and girlfriend having a lover’s spat outside Charlotte Ronson’s after party Friday night at the Eldridge in New York City. Silverman says that Lohan cried to the DJ, “Samantha Judith Ronson, why are you doing this to me?” as she chased her down East First Street, puffing a cigarette while the two made their way to the Bowery Hotel. Read more.

Isn’t Trying To Lose Weight

Lindsay Lohan tells her recent weight loss is “not intentional”, citing the fact that she’s been “working a lot” and blamed “stress … and lack of sleep when I travel.” As for whether she feels pressured to be thin, the 22-year-old insisted that’s no longer an issue. “They’ve already said everything about me that they can say. And I’ve never really cared then,” she explained. “I’m my own person, and people can say whatever they want. I’m still going to be the person that I am.”

The full story at has since been removed.

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