Lindsay Lohan And Samantha Ronson Arguing On New Year’s Eve?

Lindsay Lohan was spotted having an animated discussion with girlfriend as Sam DJ’ed on New Year’s Eve at Mansion in South Beach. In a video clip, Lindsay is apparently complaining about something to Sam, who then put her arm around Lindsay as Britney Spears’ ‘Womanizer’ played in the background.

Nik Richie, writing at, claims the couple had been fighting all night and when he went up to talk with Ronson, Lohan “came up and started yelling at me ‘That’s my girlfriend. I love her!’ and thought I was trying to steal her woman.” Check out Nik’s full story here.

Michael Lohan Urges Gossip Sites To Report News Responsibly

Lindsay Lohan’s father Michael is speaking out against TMZ and Perez Hilton over the gossip sites reporting in a blog at his official web site. Lohan wrote on Friday (January 2):

Perez Hilton and TMZ continue to state that their “spies” and “sources” see and hear things, they have NO audio or visual proof, they go onto report their rumors and then everyone picks it up!

Don’t we see that they say one thing, today and a different tomorrow. That the endless cycle of lies, conjectures and rumors snowballs into something it’s not. What about the “telephone” or “grapevine” scenerios? haven’t we personally experienced this ourselves at one time or another.

When are we going to “raise the bar” on the responsibility of what is reported. These tabloids act as “news agencies” or “press” when they are nothing of the sort!

The entire post at has since been removed after Lohan shut down the web site.

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2 thoughts on “Lindsay Lohan And Samantha Ronson Arguing On New Year’s Eve?

  1. Marina Amx says:

    That’s a big, fat, lie… if you have 10 grams of brain, you can see what is really happening in the video…

  2. me says:

    what IS really happening in the video ? :S …

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