Lindsay Lohan At Tra Di Noi & Madison In Malibu

was spotted exiting Tra di Noi before visiting Madison boutique in Malibu on Saturday (December 15). The 21-year-old was assisted by an apparent security guard from the restaurant screaming “Get back!” at the pesky paparazzi.

Once inside Madison, Lohan was gawked at like a zoo animal through the store’s windows. The security guard continued to get in the paparazzi’s face, ordering one to get off a brick. The man responded, “Is this your brick? You don’t own sh** here.”

After picking up some sunglasses that caught her eye, Lindsay was escorted out and the “get back!” orders continued as the paps climbed all over the shopping area’s landscaping. “Don’t hit the car, get away from the car,” Lindsay pleaded with the paps once arriving to her vehicle.

Watch the footage via YouTube below.

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