Lindsay Lohan Attempted Suicide?

One of Lindsay Lohan’s close friends tells Star magazine that during an emotional meltdown in New York City in the weeks before her May 26th bust, the 20-year-old screamed that she just wanted to end it all – and tried. “Lindsay’s on a reckless road right now,” declared another friend. “We’re all afraid she’s going to end up dead soon.”

Is Les Deux In Deep Doo Doo For Serving Underaged Patron Lohan?

Les Deux continues to try to cover their butts after crashed her Mercedes within two hours of leaving the Hollywood club early Saturday morning. “Les Deux is a restaurant, open five nights a week, and there is no age limit for our patrons,” they wrote to TMZ. “Lindsay had dinner at Les Deux that night and waited for friends to pack up the DJ supplies, thus leaving Les Deux after closing. Because of the enormous paparazzi presence outside of Les Deux that night, we allowed her to stay late and wait for her friends. She was not drinking at Les Deux, and left driven by her driver.” A poll linked to the story shows 93% of respondents don’t believe the club’s story. Read more.

Dad Tells Lindsay: Steer Clear Of Samantha, Bodyguard & Assistants caught up with Lindsay Lohan’s father Michael and asked the 47-year-old if he’s relieved to hear his daughter has checked into Promises rehab in Malibu. “I’m glad she’s there and trying to get help,” he responded. “I hope she stays away from Samantha Ronson and all the people who have been negative influences. That includes the bodyguard, the assistants…. Lindsay needs to clean house. She needs to get God back in her life and put her family in her life. She’s gotta start all over again from where she started when she was at her best.”

The full story at has since been removed.

Is Lindsay Lohan’s 21st Birthday Bash At Pure Still On?

Pure spokeswoman Kate Turner spoke with The Las Vegas Review Journal about the club’s plans to host Lindsay Lohan’s 21st birthday party their in July, and whether the event is still on following news the actress/singer has checked into Promises rehab. “We can’t comment other than to say that we think the world of Lindsay, and we wish her the best,” Turner said. Pure was reportedly set to shell out $250,000 to host the big event.

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