Lindsay Lohan Attends Yele Haiti Benefit For Hurricane Relief

Lindsay Lohan posed for photographers at the Yele Haiti Benefit for Hurricane Relief and the Children’s Memorial Hospital of Chicago – hosted by Drew Barrymore, Lohan and Jeremy Piven with a live performance by Wyclef Jean, held at a private residence near Chicago, Illinois on October 1st.

Pictures at have since been removed.

Lindsay Lohan’s Dad Praises Her New Single From Jail

Michael Lohan wrote from the Collins Correctional Facility outside Buffalo to rave about his daughter Lindsay’s new single, ‘Confessions of a Broken Heart’. “The lyrics not only brought me to tears, but they tell you what kind of a loving and caring daughter Lindsay truly is,” the 45-year-old Lohan wrote to The New York Daily News. “While I always considered and expressed how truly blessed Lindsay, as well as my other children are, I never realized how blessed I AM to have a daughter as amazing as Lindsay.”

Lindsay Lohan Cited

David Spade joked during ‘The Showbiz Show’ “news” update on Thursday night, “Lindsay Lohan was involved in a traffic incident when her Mercedes crashed into another vehicle while she was speeding. She was cited for weighing 85 in a 30.”

Jay Leno On Lindsay Lohan’s Car Crash

Jay Leno joked during his Tonight Show monologue on Wednesday night, “Oh. Kev, I’m a little miffed.” Kevin answered, “What’s up, man?” Jay joked, “Last time that I let Lindsay Lohan borrow my car.”

Lohan Didn’t Check On Heath Of Other Driver After Crash

Raymundo Ortega told ‘Access Hollywood’ that he was looking for a parking place on his way to work as a busboy at the Newsroom Cafe when his van was struck by Lindsay Lohan’s black Mercedes. The impact caused his van to collide with a white parked van. “I didn’t know it was her, I didn’t recognize her,” Ortega said. “All I knew was that she was driving really fast. I mean, she had to be going at least 75 miles an hour. All she needed was wings for the car to fly. I imagine if I had hit someone, I am going to ask them right away if the other person is OK. But she did not do that with me.”

Paparazzi Were Hounding Lohan Before Crash

Before the teen queen’s accident on Tuesday, Lindsay Lohan spent the afternoon dining and shopping with friends, the whole time followed by paparazzi. “These people, they were crazy taking these photographs of her,” Lorrie Satzberg tells ‘Extra’. “It was absolutely, literally ridiculous, here just shopping on Robertson.”

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