Lindsay Lohan Back With Harry Morton Thanks To AA?

Life & Style reports was partying as ex-boyfriends Wilmer Valderrama and Harry Morton arrived at Les Deux in Los Angeles on Wednesday night (November 29). But while Harry headed straight for Lindsay’s table and gave the 20-year-old a kiss, Wilmer was ignored. Later, the ‘That 70’s Show’ star threw a glass of vodka to the ground, shouted an expletive at his friend and stormed off to the bathroom.

The full story at has since been removed.

Lindsay Lohan’s Mom Confirms She’s In AA

Despite the privacy practiced by AA, Lindsay Lohan’s mother Dina publicly confirmed the 20-year-old has attended meetings for the group during a visit to Ryan Seacrest’s morning show on KIIS FM radio in Los Angeles. “It’s true,” Dina told Ryan. “A lot of people she hangs out with go and it’s a positive thing.” Leslie Sloane, publicist for the star affirmed Dina’s statement that Lindsay is in AA. “She is attending meetings. It’s a positive thing,” Sloane told Access Hollywood. She added that Lindsay has been to a couple of meeting and that the star is making “slow progress” and “doesn’t want to be judged.”

The entire interview audio, which also features Lindsay’s younger sister Ali, at has since been removed.

Imelda Lohan

Lindsay Lohan tells Elle magazine her footwear addiction is getting out of hand. “I own 5,000 pairs of shoes. It’s mad,” she admitted. “I do love fashion. Stella McCartney is great, she sends me loads of free stuff.”

Lohan’s Publicist Hits Back At Tribute Letter Critics

Lindsay Lohan’s publicist Leslie Sloane fired back at the media Thursday, saying journalists, including Andrew Gumbel of The Independent and Los Angeles Times columnist Patt Morrison had crossed a line by mocking a heartfelt letter the actress wrote following director Robert Altman’s death last week.

“When I got the reports that he had died, I reached Lindsay on her cell phone, and she had no idea. She was devastated. She started crying,” Sloane explained to Reuters. “She quickly put something together on her Blackberry. Here was a girl who found something special in this man that she felt so close to. And she was completely shocked and blown away that he just died. It was written very quickly and it was from the heart.”

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