Lindsay Lohan Blogs On ‘Ugly Betty’, Kevin Rudolf, A Certain Someone

updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@lindsaylohan) on Tuesday (September 16). LiLo talked about her mother Dina’s 46th birthday, almost wrapping up with ‘Ugly Betty’, loving Kevin Rudolf’s single ‘Let It Rock’ and suggesting she’d like to work with the Cash Money singer, and she offered another subtle reference to her rumored girlfriend Samantha Ronson. Lindsay writes:

It’s a wrap!

First off-HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUMMY!!! (it was yesterday but I didn’t have time to post a blog)

2 days left of my shoot on ‘Ugly Betty’ – I am quite sad to have to leave the wonderful cast and crew behind. It’s always sad to leave people that you get close to.. It’s been such a delight to be a part of this show!! – My sister, Aliana is visiting me on set today and I love having her around… She makes me smile, just like another certain someone :)

Love you baby xoxo

Here’s a song that I’m kind of into right now, Aliana loves it, and we were playing it at 7:30am in my dressing room.. I heard that the singer wrote the song himself, so props to him for that, maybe we can do something together… Nuff said- hope everyone enjoys it :)


Crrently listening:
Let It Rock
Release date: By 2008-09-30

Michael Lohan Won’t Credit Samantha For Lindsay’s Sobriety

TMZ cameras caught up with Lindsay Lohan’s father Michael, where the pap talked about how “it’s obvious” her daughter and are together, and whether he approved of the relationship since it appears Linds’ substance abuse no longer seems to be an issue. “She hasn’t been drunk, she’s been at the top of her game,” Michael said, but he refused to give credit to the DJ. “Lindsay is where she’s at because of Lindsay and her relationship with God. That’s what I believe, and I’ll always stand on. Nobody is going to change anyone’s life, it’s an individual decision to get your life straight or not, and that’s what Lindsay’s done.”

Kirsten Dunst Supports Lindsay Lohan & Samantha Ronson Relationship

Kirsten Dunst tells Harper’s Bazaar that she’s supportive of Lindsay Lohan’s rumored romance with Samantha Ronson a positive influence on teenagers. “I’m sure there are a lot of girls out there who are so much more comfortable because they love ‘Mean Girls’ and Lindsay’s dating a girl,” Kirsten explained. “I think that couldn’t be better. I know them enough to know that, deep down, they’re both sweet girls.”

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