Lindsay Lohan Celebrates Birthday, Backtracks On Colette Attack

Lindsay Lohan updated fans on her Twitter (@sevinnyne6126) about how she’s been celebrating her 23rd birthday, which took place Thursday (July 2). Lohan writes:

Having the best bday ever with family, friends and ….

But I miss my sister and baby brother Cody and my mommy and nana

Thank you Lorena and silver spoon crew for a relaxing day, as well as juanita & lauren moshi

Meanwhile, LiLo has since backtracked on her snobbish tweets to the Paris boutique Colette after they announced Justin Timberlake’s William Rast collection would be featured there. Lohan had said because the former *NSYNC star’s label was also sold at Macy’s, she was “speechless” Collette were “lowering yourselves to a MACY’S brand”. Lohan writes:

@coletteparis I am sorry for the unnecessary comment-wasn’t meant to be a jab, I have some William Rast & it’s great-was a friends words

@coletteparis and my 6126 leggings are in Macy’s West and they’ve been great to work with

Lindsay Lohan Turns Her Nose Up At Justin Timberlake & Macy’s

Lindsay Lohan unveiled her fashion snob side on Twitter (@sevinnyne6126) after the Paris boutique Colette announced they’d be carrying Justin Timberlake’s label. The soon to be 23-year-old writes was responding to colette’s Twitter posting, “Justin Timberlake’s William Rast collection now at colette ! Mix it with Balmain.” Lohan responded:

@coletteparis I can’t believe you are lowering yourselves to a MACY’S brand- I am speechless. Paris is chic not mid America. Gross

@coletteparis Matt Jones was with Karl-yes Lagerfeld at your event the other night-as Karl what he would think of this collaboration*

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