Lindsay Lohan Claims Patrick Aufdenkamp Stole Her Clothing Designs

While vacationing with her family and best friend Patrick Aufdenkamp in St. Barts, has learned had a massive falling out with the shaggy sidekick, accusing him of stealing designs for her new 6126 clothing line. Patrick was present at many meetings related to LiLo’s new line, and wasn’t happy learning that he planned on introducing his own fashions. “He is now running off trying to do his own line,” a Lohan pal told the magazine, “And telling people he’s going to fashion market week in NYC on February 18 to debut his line.”

Lindsay tells Us she “should’ve known better” and that her friendshiop with Aufdenkamp has ended. For his part, Patrick tells his Twitter followers (@paufdenkamp):

Everyone will know the truth soon enough. And I mean Everything…! En route traveling home.

He had more to say to

I’m way too creative of an individual to need to steal anything design-related from that girl. She knows how much my new line means to me and has seen first hand all the HARD and HONEST work I have put into bringing it to life. The fact that she is trying to take that away from me with a guilt free conscious and can still sleep at night, is in essence, (for those of you who may not already know) exactly what kind of person she is right now.

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One thought on “Lindsay Lohan Claims Patrick Aufdenkamp Stole Her Clothing Designs

  1. michael says:

    she got what she deserved. Lindsay Lohan stole her designs from jen kao to start with.

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