Lindsay Lohan Dating A Pal Of Wilmer, Clarence Fuller

The New York Post reports Lindsay Lohan is seeing Armani model Clarence Fuller, a friend of her ex-boyfriend, Wilmer Valderrama. “Lohan has had her eye on him for a while. But she was always in a relationship before,” a friend revealed. “The funny thing is, he’s friends with Wilmer!”

Lindsay Lohan Sends A Message To Ex-Flame, Wilmer

On ‘Total Request Live’ the other day, Lindsay Lohan appeared as a co-host to help promote her debut album, ‘Speak’. Towards the end of the segment, Quddus (MTV VJ) pointed out that she had did a quick clothes change for the last 5 minutes. She sported a shirt that said, “You were never my boyfriend” and than responded to the VJ’s observation by saying, “Let’s just say it’s a statement.”

Lindsay Changes Number After Wilmer’s Constant Calls

Us Weekly reports that Wilmer Valderrama has been phoning his ex-girlfriend Lindsay Lohan “nonstop” since Thursday night, forcing the teen queen to change her cell phone number. But the actor’s rep tells The New York Daily News the report is bogus. “The item is absolutely not true,” Heidi Slan insisted. “He hasn’t called her at all.”

Lindsay Lohan’s Night Of Clubbing

Lindsay Lohan was photographed on a night out in New York City where she partied at Marquee and Suede on December 3rd with a bodyguard keeping an eye on the teen queen.

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7 thoughts on “Lindsay Lohan Dating A Pal Of Wilmer, Clarence Fuller

  1. alm81 says:

    She needs to date someone her own age. If she keeps dating guys that are 6-8 years older than her, it won’t last more than a couple months.

  2. ssl291 says:

    When people are adult the age difference doesn’t mean anything. A lot of couple that have more than 8 years in age difference have very long term romance.

  3. JLOVER101 says:

    She has more to worry about, she was at a party recently and she lost her purse. Well, aside from the person that found it finding her black AMEX (how she got one I don’t know, but it’s obviously lost it’s Cachet) they also found COCAINE in it. Obviously that’s the reason she couldn’t sing on GMA and her voice was the way it was on “On Air” yesterday morning…..Lindsay rehab’s a b1tch, but it’s time you get there hun.

  4. PhiSig269 says:

    I heard about the purse being lost and people looking at her Black Card, her license and stuff I heard nothing about Coke being found inside it. LOL so many Rumors she won’t need Rehab for at least a few more years :)

  5. JLOVER101 says:

    She does need rehab if she knows what’s good for her. She drinks way too much, last’, ‘week there were the pictures with the marijuana, and now this? If they didn’t talk about the coke on whatever you were listening to it’s because it’s not public knowledge just yet. However, the Post (albeit not the most reliable) does add at the end of their story ….and other things Lindsay doesn’t want us talking about (eluding to the drugs)

  6. PhiSig269 says:

    The Post is as reliable as Sta & US Weekly Oh Yea wait they all Make ***** up!! :)’, ‘:) It could have been tampons or anything but the tab’s wanna make us think its drugs. I’m sure she has done ***** I am not sayin she is innocent but the Tab’s love to blow stuff out of proportion. Until she goes 2 rehab or we see he coked out then who are we 2 judge her based on some *****ty Tabloid. I am not even a big Lohan Fan!

  7. JLOVER101 says:

    Actually, this happened in the next town over from my house and there were friends of’, ‘mine there, so I do know 100% that this is a true story. The Post did not disclose the information I was just letting you know that although not all news sources are going to comment on that they at least eluded to it.

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