Lindsay Lohan Denies Tension With Hilary Duff

As has been reported, rumors abound that is feuding with fellow teen queen, , and the cause could be . Lohan denies it. “I have no problem with her,” she told ‘Extra’. “And people just want to drag it on. I wish her well.”

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6 thoughts on “Lindsay Lohan Denies Tension With Hilary Duff

  1. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    I actually saw this tonight, and she really seemed genuine. Most of the time when people talk about this stuff, it’s like “yeah, I’m saying this, but I don’t mean it” kind of tone… But she really seemed like she meant it. Either she’s a better actress than I thought, or this feud is just plain crap!

  2. rachel says:

    LMAO, she is definitely a better actress, she is being acting majorly since she was 4′, ‘Aaron Carter has talked about the feud , how these two girls are totally serious about him and that he is a kid just trying to have fun. Okay let me rephrase it, the feud is one sided. Hilary is the one acting like a baby not Lindsay. I think they are both talented young ladies though.

  3. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    well, if you were serious about a guy as was some other chick, don’t you think you’d’, ‘probably feud too? My ex’s new knocked up gal pal…..I hate her. I’ve never met her, don’t care to, but there’s a feud, cause I was totally serious about him….I loved him to death! I know how it is!

  4. rachel says:

    if you are like 15 and 16 yeah!! How old are u? I am 19 and I personally I really’, ‘don’t care about that crap. I figured no one in the world is ever gonna be u, so there is no need to be jealous. Oh and if some dude left you for another chick there is no need to hate the new girl, it may seem difficult but it’s his loss. I mean that how I am, pretty confident with myself but most girls aren’t.

  5. urbaniz3d says:

    Lindsay is so pretty with makeup, she has no reason to be jealous of ugly, fat, talentless Hilary. & they BOTH have no reason to be fighting over that Aaron Carter.

  6. allyouwanted says:

    lindsay is going everywhere telling people that. I read about this and heard about it so many times. she’s just trying to make Hilary look bad.

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