Lindsay Lohan Drops By ‘The Late Show’

was photographed outside the Ed Sullivan Theatre for her appearance on ‘The Late Show with David Letterman’ in New York City on Monday (June 5). Check out pictures from RexFeatures and GettyImages. Read on for a rough transcript.

Dave: Yeah, thank you very much. My first guest tonight stars in a new motion picture entitled “the prairie home companion” it opens on Friday. Here’s the lovely Lindsay Lohan, ladies and gentlemen. (Applause)

Dave: Nice to see you. How are doing?

Lindsay: Hello.

Dave: Welcome back to the show. I was looking at this copy of interview magazine, look at that that a remarkable likeness to a very young Elizabeth Taylor, isn’t it.

Lindsay: Somewhat, yes. We did our best.

Dave: What kind of things did they ask you about in the interview magazine.

Lindsay: What kind of questions just in general is that yeah.

Lindsay: Well, Ingrid is a good friend of mine so we kind of just chatted. We just recorded everything we talked about. She didn’t ask anything specific.

Dave: Was it insightful, was it revelatory, was it reflective. How would you —

Lindsay: It was inte introspective.

Dave: Introspective, ah. And you were at the premier of the movie. To you before doing the movie, had you listened to the radio show, the prairie home companion

Lindsay: No, no. But it is funny, Robert Altman was not very — didn’t listen the show.

Lindsay: And Robert Altman, is an older fellow, director, he is like 80 years.

Lindsay: Yeah he has the flu right now.

Dave: He has the flu.

Lindsay: Get better.

Dave: What was it like, were you nervous about, withouting with him? Had you known anything about his work beforehand.

Lindsay: I was familiar with Nashville and gossip park but i was kind of one of the first people that was attached to the movie. And then you know, Merrill Streep came on board. And you just don’t say no at that point, of course. And Altman is just such a legend.

Dave: So he knows that he is old, right? I mean — (laughter)

Lindsay: I know what you are leading to. It is a funny story. It not
funny but, i met him the first day that i met him, he came up to me when I was in my sitting. And he came up and he said i just want to let you know that this is Paul Thomas Anderson who co-directed the film. He said just because any day i could croak at any minute. And I looked at him, and i just kind of stood there and didn’t know what to say. What do you say to that. I said well let’s hope not.

Dave: That could happen here tonight with me. (Laughter)

Lindsay: No, no, no, no.

Dave: So the big premier was last night s that right.

Lindsay: It was.

Dave: What do you do at the premier, as a star of the film, what are are your responsibilities at the premier, or d’oeuvres?

Lindsay: I think Merrill Streep and lilly tomorrow lynn and kevin klein and those people are more of the stars of the film. Yeah, it is amazing cast.

Dave: What do you do at the premier.

Lindsay: You stand in a press line an get a lot of pictures taken. You see a lot of flashes and you start seeing spots after. That is all I really remember.

Dave: Retinal damage.

Lindsay: Yes it hurts. Carl lagger does feld, he says he feels like they are machine guns at in point just shooting av your face.

Dave: It seems malicious almost, doesn’t it.

Lindsay: Well, it is their job. And obviously, you know, we are in the spotlight, you like getting your picture taken.

Dave: No, we don’t.

Lindsay: I do.

Dave: I don’t like getting my picture taken.

Lindsay: Yes, you do.

Lindsay: You are on TV.

Dave: It is different. I’m exactly the way I would be in my home except a got a suit and tie on. And it is like the camera is here.

Lindsay: You are such a humble person, everybody.

Dave: Thank you very much. (Applause) is.

Dave: Was there a big party after the thing.

Lindsay: There was. There was a pool table and i was with my little brother. My whole family showed up and my grandmother. My brother and his friend. My sister and my mom. They were all there. And so we went straight to the pool table and my brother and i were playing. And that is where I was for most of the pool.

Dave: Playing pool.

Lindsay: Yeah w my nine-year-old brother. And my manager Jason Weinberg but he, you know, he stopped and he quit in the middle. Probably because I was going to beat him. Not that i like — he’s sitting backstage.

Dave: Do you have exciting plans for the summer.

Lindsay: I’m going to be filming. I’m really excited for the summer. I’m going to be working with someone I really admire as well. Jane Fonda and.

Dave: She’s very good. What is the film you are going to do with Jane Fonda.

Lindsay: It is called Georgia Rule it was definitely a pleasure for me acting wise and the character I’m playing. It a hard role to take on so I’m nervous but excited.

Lindsay: I like jane fonda. I think she is great.

Lindsay: Yeah, she great. He has a crush on her. She is beautiful.

Dave: I could never afford her. Because the kind of guys she dates are like billionaires, literally, billionaires.

Lindsay: I don’t think she, you know, she just only dates — and are you so poor, I’m sure.

Dave: I’m certainly not in her league.

Lindsay: I think she’s seems from what I know of her, we just met once, so far into she is solid. I like her a lot.

Lindsay: We’re going to have to tell her that.

Dave: And what about you, are you seeing anyone, are you dating?

Lindsay: I wouldn’t tell you if i was anyway.

Dave: Now why. It not like it is illegal. You can date.

Lindsay: Yeah, now.

Dave: Are you 20 years old.

Lindsay: I’m 20 july 2nd.

Dave: Congratulations, coming up soon. (Applause)

Lindsay: I don’t want to be 20.

Dave: Will there be a big celebration on your 20th birthday.

Lindsay: I’m not sure. I don’t know yet.

Dave: Take a guess.

Lindsay: I don’t really know f i said I was going somewhere special than i would be giving it a what. And then i might —

Lindsay: I.

Dave: Is there a special guy in your life now? (Laughter)

Lindsay: Okay, let me rephrase the question. Do you — i get what are you saying I’m just not going to answer.

Dave: We’ll see about that. Now —

Lindsay: There is no one speech bling.

Dave: Let’s say there is a guy who knows you and said i would like to have dinner with Lindsay, is that possible. Could a guy just have dinner with you.

Lindsay: Yeah.

Dave: How does that work. Who would he have to go through, your publicist?

Lindsay: My brother michael.

Dave: Oh, golly.

Lindsay: You just go to dinner, or movies, normal things.

Lindsay: When is the last time you want to a movie, by the way.

Lindsay: I don’t know. Last night.

Lindsay: That was the premier, yeah. And but so there is not a — like if you were doing something after the show with a guy — (laughter)

Dave: Is it the same guy that you would have done something with the last time you were on the show? I don’t know, is it? (Applause)

Lindsay: I’m leaving.

Dave: What happened there, you actually got up to leave.

Lindsay: I know, i did.

Dave: Were you joking.

Lindsay: You made me blush.

Dave: You can ask me about dating. Go ahead, ask me about dating (laughter)

Lindsay: No, I’m going to let you have your privacy.

Dave: Oh, it is not — but see, here’s the thing. I think people are more interested in you dating than they are in me dating. (Laughter)

Dave: People don’t care, people don’t care if I’m dating. I mean other than the woman that lives in my house. She would — she would —

Lindsay: You are going to get a nice whipping when you get home.

Dave: I just hope you’re not dating again. No, honey.

Paul: Again. Key word, again.

Dave: No, so this is the problem. Paul and i, when you get to be this ages with just vicariously interested in a lovely young woman like yourself and what that might be. What kind of a sled of a fantasy might we take.

Lindsay: I feel so inappropriate.

Dave: No.

Paul: Because we are so old.

Dave: That’s right. We are desperately old.

Paul: We’re old.

Lindsay: I’m not even going to be allowed to a say — I’m not even going to be allowed to use the teenager excuse I’m young, I’m very young.

Dave: But now to wrap this up just — give me one hint, do you have quite a few friends, many friends.

Lindsay: Yeah, i was talking to.

Dave: Some are young women.

Lindsay: Some and some are men.

Dave: Of the young men, is there one who is more of a friend than the others? (Laughter)

Lindsay: Some.

Dave: Some, oh some. Let’s show folks a clip of the film “prairie home companion” it is interesting t is a radio show that is written by garrison koeller, terribly talented writer.

Lindsay: He is amazing.

Lindsay: The clip we are going to see here.

Lindsay: I’m not sure what clip we are seeing.

Dave: Is it the movie I’m talking about? (Laughter)

Lindsay: It is the movie, the premier prayer’s home companion, i just don’t know which clip it is.

Dave: Is that the way the song goes. That’s fun, swinging, huh.

Lindsay: (Applause)

Dave: Very nice.

Lindsay: It was nerve-racking singing because kevin klein is a great theater actor, and garrison, you want to perform well for the people that you are working with. And I was so nervous.

Dave: It looked like a lot of fun.

Lindsay: It was It was all live.

Dave: Opens Friday, nice to see you Lindsay, thank you so much for being here, lindsay lohan, ladies and gentlemen.

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