Lindsay Lohan: Eating Too Little, Partying Too Much?

In Touch Weekly Senior Editor Amy Palmer appeared on ‘The Early Show’ on Saturday (April 25), discussing how has become scary skinny again after getting dumped by Samantha Ronson. “This is something we’ve seen with Lindsay before,” Palmer said. “Every time she’s in a situation where she’s under stress, she loses weight. I’m not saying this isn’t something to be concerned about, but this is a pattern she’s established. She is way too thin, and I think her friends and family definitely have a right to be concerned. But again, we’ve seen this before with her.”

Palmer was also sounding understanding of the underemployed actress/singer’s recent social life. “There have been reports that she is partying. But let’s remember: Lindsay is 22 years old,” she said. “Twenty-somethings party. They go out to clubs with friends and drink. The difference is, Lindsay’s doing it under a microscope, and she has been in rehab.” Read more.

Leaving Andy Lecompte Salon

was blinded by the paparazzi leaving Andy Lecompte Salon in West Hollywood on Friday (April 24). The 22-year-old eventually got into the passenger seat of her Maseratir, getting dropped off at her home on El Contento Drive. Watch footage below.

Lindsay Losing Weight To Show Samantha She’s Hurting?

A source close to Lindsay Lohan tells People magazine the 22-year-old’s friends are concerned about her recent weight loss, suspecting it’s related to her recent breakup with Samantha Ronson. “She is a self-destructive person,” the pal told the mag. “It’s all part of her cry for attention. She wants Sam [Ronson, her ex-girlfriend] to see how bad she’s hurting and she wants Hollywood to see her as a ‘tortured artist’ who is wasting away… This is a symptom of something much bigger – a desperate need to be noticed.”

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