Lindsay Lohan Forced To Pay Up After Losing Pricey Bracelet

The Sun reports received a $38,000 bill from Cartier when she “misplaced” a diamond-encrusted bracelet after a week of partying in London. “It was embarrassing. Lindsay couldn’t find it anywhere and was trying to stall for time to see if she could dig it out,” a source explained. “She had been loaned the jewellery in good faith for her presenting gig at the World Music Awards on Wednesday. The plan was always for her to return the bracelet after, which seemed to have slipped her mind. She had a string of pals coming in and out of her room as well as security, management and hotel staff tending to regular requests. The room was turned upside down and fingers were being pointed at various people for it going missing. Lindsay ducked out of seeing the jewellers herself and left her management to sweep it under the carpet.”

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