Lindsay Lohan Gets Zinged On G4’s ‘X-Play’

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On a recent episode of the G4 network video-game review series “X-Play”, show hostess Morgan Webb made a joke about Lindsay Lohan during one of the game reviews, claiming the appeal of the game being reviewed was fading “faster than Lohan’s recording career,” then added, “But at least there’s no lip-synching in the game.”

McFly Featured In Lindsay Lohan’s New Film reports that McFly have signed on to appear in Lindsay Lohan’s new film ‘Just My Luck’. The group will play a band managed by a down-and-out young man whose fortunes are swapped after a chance encounter with a wealthy woman. “In the script I’m described as cool and remarkably talented,” McFly’s Tom Fletcher remarked.

Lindsay Lohan Sends Out The Lawyers After Dad Talks

Hours after Lindsay Lohan’s estranged dad Michael Lohan held a news conference attacking his wife Dina, L.A. law firm Lavely & Singer issued a warning to media outlets that if they reported Michael’s claims, they’d be subject to litigation. “The point of the letter is that this guy has absolutely zero credibility, and if you publish or republish any statements that he made that are defamatory, you’ll be exposed to some pretty serious liability,” Lavely’s law partner Michael Holtz said. Michael Lohan’s divorce lawyer, Dominic Barbara, countered: “Their intention is to scare off the press from writing the facts. To manhandle the press like this is unbelievable!”

Is Lindsay Lohan Partying Too Much In New Orleans?

Sources tell The New York Daily News reports Lindsay Lohan missed work on the set of her new movie ‘Just My Luck’ on Tuesday and that her late nights at New Orleans college bars The Boot and Club 360 have “made her late to the set” several times. However, Lohan’s rep counters that Lohan “was sick and left the set early – but she did show up! She had an earache and her stomach was bothering her.”

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One thought on “Lindsay Lohan Gets Zinged On G4’s ‘X-Play’

  1. ihatehilarythemostofall says:

    ouch? are you serious? that was almost as lame a joke as Lindsay’s attempt AT lip-synching is. lip-synching jokes are so old. especially considering all the other dirt on Lindsay to make fun of her about. like her crazy dad. now there’s hilarious potential. nope, lip-synching jokes are only funny when they’re about Ashlee. just like making fun of her nose only really works for her too.

    even jay leno could’ve done better than that. even if he tried a michael joke!

    oh yeah, and arguing over Hilary lip-synching is pretty fun too.’, ‘but that’s it.

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