Lindsay Lohan Hard Up For Cash, Family PO’d At Riley Giles

The New York Daily News’ Gatecrasher columnist Ben Widdicombe reports that cash strapped has been openly asking friends for spending money, and that the 21-year-old received a mid five figure sum for being spotted out and about frequently with the nicotine lozenges Ariva, designed to get the rehabbed starlet to stop smoking.

Meanwhile, Us Weekly hears Lindsay’s mother Dina phoned up the mother of LiLo’s ex Riley Giles after he sold his story to the British tabloid News of the World as well as several private photos of the singer/actress. “Dina insulted her parenting,” a source revealed. And her father Michael claims he and Lindsay chewed out Riley for his actions, and that Riley apologized.

Lohan’s Lawyers Ask For Raymundo Ortega Suit To Be Dropped

Two employees at The Ivy, a waiter and a security guard, submitted declarations last month stating that Lindsay Lohan was not drinking alcohol in her 2005 car accident with Raymundo Ortega, who filed suit against the 21-year-old alleging that she was. In response, on Wednesday (January 2), Lohan’s lawyer asked the judge in the case to throw the suit out. Read the court documents at TMZ.

Lindsay Kisses 3 Italian Men In 24 Hours, And One Gets Lucky

The Daily Mail documented Lindsay Lohan’s wild weekend in Capri, Italy, where the 21-year-old first kissed waiter Alessandro Di Nunzio, then locked lips with actor Dario Faiella, the son of Italian music legend Peppino Di Capri, before both headed back to her hotel. The next day, Lohan was kissing older actor Eduardo Costa. The tab said Faiella was the guy who got lucky with the singer/actress, and was photographed with her hand on his ass on the balcony at her hotel. Read more and check out the pictures here.

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