Lindsay Lohan: I’m Not Dating Jared Leto

Lindsay Lohan tells Us Weekly after being named to their ‘Young Hollywood Hot 20’ that rumors linking her to Jared Leto are untrue. “He’s a wonderful person,” the ‘Prarie Home Companion’ star said. “but I’m not dating him. I’m focusing on my career now.” What’s on her plate besides the film with Meryl Streep? “I’m directing my next video, writing lyrics, and recording my album.”

Lindsay Lohan’s Baggy Eyes Zapped In ‘Just My Luck’

According to a source on the ‘Just My Luck’ set, producers of the comedy had to use special effects to remove the bags under hard-partying Lindsay Lohan’s eyes in several scenes. The 19-year-old’s eyes were “very noticeable” in several scenes before the digital magic was done, the insider tells Star magazine. Lohan’s rep denied the claim.

Lindsay Lohan Finds A New Guy

The New York Daily News reports Lindsay Lohan and pint-sized Butter owner Richie Akiva sat awfully close and held hands at Bungalow 8 after Lindsay arrived around 3 am.

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