Lindsay Lohan Knocks Aspiring Actor Paparazzo Off His Feet

has been accused of running over a photographer in New York City early Tuesday morning (March 13). Onlookers say Lohan, 20, rolled her BMW towards the lensman and gave him a “love tap”, prompting the paparazzo with dollar signs in his eyes to fall to the ground, saying he had been run over. The man inexplicably laid there motionless as if his self-induced fall caused paralysis.

Pictures at Splash have since been removed.

Parties At Stereo

Sources tell that was spotted at Stereo in New York City on Friday night, where the newly blonde 20-year-old was keeping “hydrated” and was seen chain-smoking incessantly.

Lindsay Lohan Becomes A Blonde, Step 1

Lindsay Lohan was spotted at Neil George salon on Tuesday (March 6), getting her hair colored blonde. The 20-year-old bought pizza for the paparazzi who waited outside for hours while she was getting her new ‘do.

Pictures and video from have since been removed.

Mom Says Lindsay Lohan ‘Is On A Great Path’

Lindsay Lohan’s manager/mom Dina provided an update on the 20-year-old singer/actress after she completed her 30-day stay at s Wonderland rehab in Los Angeles. “Lindsay has grown tremendously over the past couple of months and is on a great path,” Dina remarked, adding, “The press has let up on her, and the paparazzi has respected her privacy!”

Lindsay Lohan Visits Rachel Zoe

Lindsay Lohan was spotted outside Rachel Zoe’s house ahead of the Academy Awards. Meanwhile, an insider tells X17 they only saw Lindsay drinking water and smoking cigarettes on Oscar night, indicating that her Wonderland rehab stint may be working. Video from has since been removed.

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