Lindsay Lohan Lashes Out At Delta Before Securing First Class Seat reports Lindsay Lohan lashed out at Delta Air Lines Flight from Tampa, Florida on Saturday morning after being told the airline would be unable to give her with a first-class seat on the already overbooked flight. The 22-year-old warned a friend traveling with her, “you’d better come and visit me back there in case I die.” Delta eventually managed to find the struggling starlet a first class seat.

Meanwhile, a source close to Lindsay and her girlfriend Samantha Ronson spoke out about the pair’s latest public display of tension at ESPN The Magazine’s NEXT Pre-Super Bowl bash. “They’re always breaking up,” the insider said. “Samantha won’t let Lindsay go, she doesn’t have a career without her.” Read more.

Lindsay Mopes Around While Samantha Rakes In the Dough

The New York Daily News reports that during ESPN’s Tampa Bay Super Bowl bash Friday night, Lindsay Lohan was spied sleeping while girlfriend Samantha Ronson manned the turntables. “Lindsay was kind of moping around, and Sam had to keep checking on her and cuddling her,” a spy tells Gatecrasher. Sam and Linds also attended the Maxim party for a bit before they had to catch an early flight back to Los Angeles. “Sam was DJing at Portia de Rossi’s birthday party on Saturday night, and then flying right back to Florida for more gigs,” a spy blabbed. “She was telling everyone, ‘I’m making that money!'”

Lindsay Lohan Says She & Samantha Ronson Never Broke Up

Despite several reports Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson had broken up, fueled by the pair not being seen together for several days, the 22-year-old insisted to Life & Style that a split never happened. “We never broke up,” Lindsay told the mag. “People don’t have to be together every second. It’s healthy to miss someone, and if you’re in it for the long run, it’s good to know that.”

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