Lindsay Lohan Leaving New York City Hotel

Lindsay Lohan was photographed leaving her hotel in the Meat Packing District on her way for an interview on ‘The Late Show with David Letterman’ in New York City on Monday (June 5). Check out pictures from RexFeatures.

Las Vegas Boutique Shuts Down To Let Lindsay Lohan Shop

A source tells The New York Daily News reports managers at Chrome Hearts boutique in Caesars Palace in Las Vegas barricaded the doors to let Lindsay Lohan browse their tattoo-inspired clothing and leather-and-wood-trimmed shades away from onlookers. But a saleswoman at nearby British perfumer Penhaligon’s sniffed, “We never close our store when there’s a celebrity inside.”

Paris Hilton & Lindsay Lohan Bury The Hatchet

A source who was at Paris Hilton’s home during her MTV Movie Awards after party tells TMZ the heiress and Lindsay Lohan talked about “issues” between them, point by point, and “ironed out all their differences.” The conversation lasted nearly an hour and a half, into the wee hours of the morning. Also present at the party was Brandon Davis, who apparently burried the hatchet with Lohan as well.

Truce In Lohan Vs. Davis / Hilton Feud?

After the MTV Movie Awards, caught up with Brandon Davis at Paris Hilton’s after party, who said that he made up with Lindsay Lohan after his firecrotch rant and that everything is “cool” between them. Lohan later showed up at Paris’ bash around 4 AM, shocking many guests.

More Firecrotch Fallout For Brandon Davis

The New York Daily News reports Barbara Davis’ efforts to raise money for diabetes through her biennial benefit where celebrities are invited to paint ceramic plates has taken a blow thanks to her grandson Brandon Davis’ infamous “firecrotch” rant against Lindsay Lohan.

“I don’t think it’s the celebrities themselves who are doing it,” an insider said, “but their handlers aren’t passing [the plates] on and they think it’s hilarious to send them back with ‘firecrotch’ on them.” The source added, “Barbara is liked, but she’s got a horrific grandson. The feeling is that family should spend less time on charity work and more time on the kids.”

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  1. amelita says:

    linday lohan, I’m sorry, but, honestly, I never like you, and, never will be, and I meant it forever, please. oh yes, you and wilmer valderrama surely, are okay, together forever, but, honestly, I still, don’t like you both, forever, sorry. lindsay, paris, jho, jessica, maria s. , etc. — there’s not much difference between them, in my opinion, they’re all so fake. you see them, portraying as if this sweet image, but, I wonder in real life. I’m sorry, but, I will never like them, so fake! (yoctober28, forever for you, no one else, for sure)

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