Lindsay Lohan Looks For Wilmer Valderrama To Take Her Back

With Lindsay Lohan’s parents in a bitter divorce war, a source close to the teen queen tells Star magazine she’s trying to get back with ex-lover Wilmer Valderrama, without success.

“Wilmer was the only person Lindsay has ever felt she could trust,” the source said. “I think she desperately needs someone to talk to and feels Wilmer could understand and be there for her.”

But with Wilmer trying to avoiding becoming involved with Lindsay’s family drama, she’s becoming even more upset. “The fact that Wilmer is pulling back has added to her hurt,” the source said. “To tell the truth, she just seems like a mess.”

Michael Lohan Spouts Off About Lindsay’s Mother

After hearing Lindsay Lohan’s mother Dina had made comments to the press that his bad behavior was “definitely hurting” Lindsay, Michael Lohan called The New York Post to respond.

“She should be a mother first and forget about being a manager first,” Michael fumed. “If she thinks Lindsay is being hurt so much, then why not take this [divorce] out of court and go into counseling? I want to work it out for the children and for us.”

Lindsay And Samaire Share A Stall

A witness tells The New York Daily News that while on break from shooting ‘Just My Luck’ in New Orleans the other night, Lindsay Lohan and Samaire Armstrong partied at Whiskey Blue. The spy said the pair had to share a stall at the club’s ladies’ room. Meanwhile, Lindsay’s father Michael showed up unshaven for his interview with ‘Primetime Live’ correspondent John Quiñones.

‘Just My Luck’ Filming Shut Down Due To Lindsay’s Illness?

The New York Post hears that production has been shut down completely on the set of Lindsay Lohan’s movie ‘Just My Luck’ due to the teen queen’s illness – costing producers big bucks every day. A rep for the film said shooting would resume on Friday.

Lindsay Lohan Hooks Up With Johnny Knoxville

According to an Us Weekly spy, Lindsay Lohan has been “hooking up” with Johnny Knoxville in New Orleans while filming ‘Just My Luck’ for a couple of weeks. Knoxville is also in town filming ‘The Dukes of Hazzard’.

Meanwhile, Lohan had chest X-rays the other day, and took a day off shooting Monday due to a bad flu. “Everyone on set is on antibiotics,” said her rep, who declined to comment on Knoxville.

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