Lindsay Lohan Makes Third Trip To Rehab

TMZ has learned Lindsay Lohan has returned to rehab, but not Promises in Malibu, and likely not Wonderland Center in Los Angeles either. In addition, the 21-year-old’s attorney, Blair Berk, has issued the following statement: “Addiction is a terrible and vicious disease. Since Lindsay transitioned to outpatient care, she has been monitored on a SCRAM bracelet and tested daily in order to support her sobriety. Throughout this period, I have received timely and accurate reports from the testing companies. Unfortunately, late yesterday I was informed that Lindsay had relapsed. The bracelet has now been removed. She is safe, out of custody and presently receiving medical care.”

Sony Pictures Stuck Riding On Lindsay Lohan’s Trainwreck

Lindsay Lohan’s new film ‘I Know Who Killed Me’ is set to be released on Friday – no word how the 21-year-old’s latest brush with the law will alter Sony Pictures’ release plans, nor whether she’ll show up at the premiere tomorrow. It’s probably a safe bet to scratch LiLo from tonight’s scheduled appearance on ‘The Tonight Show with Jay Leno’, though look for Linds to feature prominently in the monologue.

Lindsay Lohan Arrested On DUI Charges Yet Again

Lindsay Lohan was arrested for drunk driving in Santa Monica early this Tuesday morning – her second bust in less than three months. The 21-year-old was also in possession of cocaine. The arrest was sparked by Lohan chasing an assistant who quit, prompting the singer/actress to follow the former helper when the woman’s mother picked her up. When Lohan gave chase in a white Denali, the Cadillac Escalade driving mom called the cops.

Did Promises Force Lindsay Lohan To Wear Alkie Anklet?

Rav Singh of News of the World hears that the real reason Lindsay Lohan has been wearing an alcohol monitoring anklet is because the 21-year-old was secretly downing vodka and Red Bull at her birthday bash earlier this month and staff at Promises were furious hearing the news. “Lindsay had told everyone it was going to be a quiet affair with no alcohol,” a source at the July 8th party revealed. “However secretly she was pouring vodka into cans of Red Bull and getting trashed. And more than one person overheard her asking if anyone had any of the drug ecstasy. Calum was there too and it was clear to everyone that even though he’s been playing around she is still as besotted as she ever was with him.”

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