Lindsay Lohan Offered $50,000 To Burst Balloons

Lindsay Lohan has a chance to score $50,000 to burst balloons for a fetish website. tells TMZ they have offered LiLo the money if she visits them and pops a few balloons on camera, and the offer requires no nudity. The video report from TMZ at MySpace has since been removed.

Lindsay Lohan Gets Sushi At Katsu-Ya

Lindsay Lohan was spotted going for sushi at Katsu-Ya in West Hollywood the other night. The 24-year-old drew stares from fellow patrons entering the restaurant, perhaps because of paparazzi cameras crowded around the entrance. When LiLo left, she was asked about being scared to return to jail and reaching a settlement in her lawsuit with E*Trade. Watch footage via YouTube below.

Lindsay Lohan At Raya Salon

Lindsay Lohan was spotted at the Raya salon in Los Angeles the other day. Paparazzi surrounded the SUV the 24-year-old was getting a ride in, but were unable to get any clear footage, since the garage door was closed on them to stop a shot of LiLo emerging from the salon’s rear exit. Watch footage via YouTube below.

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