Lindsay Lohan On The Set Of ‘Labor Pains’

‘Entertainment Tonight’ went behind the scenes of Lindsay Lohan’s new film ‘Labor Pains’, co-starring Cheryl Hines and Chris Parnell.

Asked what it was like to wear a fake belly and act like a pregnant woman, Lohan responded, “It’s alarming in a way – you think about all the things that come with being pregnant, and that’s kind of scary, especially for me at 22.”

Talking about the film’s plot, Lohan explained, “The drama comes in this film where Thea decides to lie about being pregnant, and when her stomach pops and she has to deal with all of the things that she’s created.”

Discussing one of her co-stars in the Stacy Kramer penned plot, Lindsay said, “There is Cheryl Hines, who plays Lisa, who is a friend of mine at work and someone that I kind of turn to to vent and we always meet in the bathroom stall to talk about what’s going on in life. It comes as a surprise to her that I faked the pregnancy because she wasn’t aware of it before and she kind of helps me through everything.”

The video at has since been removed.

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