Lindsay Lohan Pregnant Or April Fooling Twitter?

Lindsay Lohan big eyelashes

Lindsay Lohan is causing chaos on Twitter (@lindsaylohan) after tweeting an hour ago a brief message that many are speculating is a late arriving April Fool’s joke. The three words in question:

It’s official. Pregnant…

After posting the message, Lohan responded to a sarcastic tweet sent her way from a female:

@XANAXDREAMS: “@lindsaylohan: Its official. Pregnant…” I’m not paying child support bb sry bye

@lindsaylohan: @XANAXDREAMS thanks dad – you do look like a man a bit

Among the reactions to the announcement:

@Savan_Kotecha: Lindsay Lohan just tweeted she’s pregnant….then, the new Pope quit.

@Momfia: Lindsay Lohan tweeted she’s pregnant, which is great because now she’ll have someone to get drunk with

@bettydrapers: Lindsay Lohan drops the bomb on April 2nd. She can’t even accomplish April fools well this poor girl

@weird4 Lindsay Lohan is pregnant and Charlie Sheen is the father.

@oneofthosefaces: I’m not touching this Lindsay Lohan pregnancy thing. But if it’s Max off of TW’s baby that’s going to be one HELL of an E! show am I right?

@jonathankruayai: @lindsaylohan …. Is Samantha Ronson the dad? Lol

@lindsaylohan: God, please let Charlie Sheen be the father…Klepto Ninja Tiger Blood!

@lolwhatismylife: “@lindsaylohan: Its official. Pregnant…” Am i the only person in the world hoping it’s Max’s baby yes yes I am because she is my childhood hero

@wowlovely_tw 1h: @lindsaylohan wot @MaxTheWanted I’ll pray for lord any times I can please tell me wasn’t you or I will cut my arms and legs

Update: Yes, it was a late arriving April fool’s prank from LiLo:

April Fools. Where’s everyone’s sense of humor?

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2 thoughts on “Lindsay Lohan Pregnant Or April Fooling Twitter?

  1. Bennett Norwood @420Woody says:

    Witnessed it all on Twitter xanaxdreams getting her fame

  2. Bennett Norwoo @420Woody says:

    Lol Smh Lindsay….

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