Lindsay Lohan Promotes ‘Just My Luck’ On ‘The Tonight Show’

Lindsay Lohan dropped by ‘The Tonight Show with Jay Leno’ on Tuesday (May 9) to promote her new film ‘Just My Luck’. The actress/singer talked about her fractured ankle, being accident prone, her other film projects, hosting ‘SNL’ and doing the coin slot cream parody commercial of Neutrogena, turning 20 soon, what she looks for in a guy, advice she got from Merryl Streep, her wax figure, and more. Read on for a rough transcript.

Jay: All right, my first guest, a a hard time deciding what to wear.
She’s now starring in a new movie called “just my luck,” which ope this
Friday, may 12th. Please welcome, Lindsay Lohan!

[ Cheers and applause ]

Lindsay: Versace and Donatello Versace —

Jay: Now, see, my psychology worked. I was thinking whatever I picked, she would go the opposite. So, I’m gonna go with the red, even though I
liked the blue better.

Lindsay: I like the black one, the black one is really pretty.

Jay: How are you? You look great and your lipstick looks great. You’ve been coming here since you were, like, a little kid —

Lindsay: I know. I’ve grown up on your show.

Jay: And now you’re like a a young woman. It’s like I say, I have to
protect you from guys like at guy.

[ Laughter ] Now, how are you? I heard you fractured your ankle, is
that true?

Lindsay: I did, I’m wearing heels anyway.

Jay: That’s very smart. Now, how did you do that?

Lindsay: Actually, it’s so swollen ill. I stepped out of the shower
and I slipped at my friend’s house.

Lindsay: Your friends house, taking a a shower?

Lindsay: In the morning, yeah, my girlfriend.

Lindsay: Not a boy.

Jay: Okay.

[ Light laughter ] The shower. And what happened? Did they rush you
to the hospital?

Lindsay: No, I went right away to get junket that day. For my movie
called “just my luck.”

Jay: Okay, all right.

Lindsay: Ironically..

Jay: I mean, did it hurt? Were you, like –? Were you crying?

Lindsay: I don’t really cry like that.

[ Laughter ]

Jay: How do you cry? Do you cry like —

Lindsay: No, I sob.

Jay: Are you a quiet sobber?

Lindsay: No, I’m a loud sobber.

Jay: Yeah, those can be a a real pain.

Lindsay: No, I wasn’t crying. I thought it was fine and I didn’t even ice it. I was like, “no, it’s fine.” He said a hairline fracture, my fifth,
what is it

Jay: I don’t know.

[ Laughter ] Your fifth leg, I don’t know, I’m not a doctor.

Lindsay: Whatever, I have a hairline fracture. So, that’s not good either way.

Jay: So, it’s okay now?.

Lindsay: No, it’s not okay. It’s sore, but —

Jay: Are you accident prone,

Lindsay: I’m very, I have bruises, I look like a battered wife.

Jay: Really?

Lindsay: I have bruises all over. It’s so funny, ’cause someone, I guess some paparazzi got a a picture of me when I was walking around the city
the other day. My mom goes, “you know, I got a a picture sent that they were gonna put in the tabloids about your bruises on your legs, are you okay? Where are those bruises coming from?” I was like, “mom, I walk into things all the time.”

Jay: Now, you just hosted “SNL” for the third time.

Lindsay: Thank you.

Jay: That must be — you must be the youngest person —

Lindsay: It’s the fourth time I’ve done it.

Jay: Really? Okay. So, you’re the youngest person ever to do it four
time likes that, wouldn’t you say?

Lindsay: Yeah, it’s really amazing. It’s a good group of people.

Jay: Now, you and Tina Fey are friends. And she’s very funny, I think she’s a wonderful comic. She writes great jokes.

Lindsay: She is so talented. And Lorne Michaels is also — has grown
up with me. He’s a parental figure.

Jay: Is he a parental & figure?

Lindsay: As are you.

Lindsay: To be, like, I’m old enough to be a parental –& I’m 56, how many years younger are you not a parental figure? I’m still a parental
figure, my mom sometimes. Sorry mom, she’s gonna kill me for saying that.

[ Laughter ]

Jay: And you’re, like, 19 right?

Lindsay: My mom, I love her to death.

Jay: You’re going to be 20?

Lindsay: I’m going to be 20.& You can’t use the teenager joke anymore.

Jay: No, I know.

Lindsay: I’m allowed to whine, I’m a a teenager. I’m not a teenager.

Jay: I know, I mean, you were born after I started doing this.

Lindsay: I started working when I was 4.

Jay: That’s right, yeah.

Lindsay: I’ve been in this industry a a long time.

Jay: What did you do the first four years, just screwing off?

Lindsay: What a lazy ass, get to work, B.

Lindsay: I was, I put on shows for my dolls.

Lindsay: Jay now, what’s this — you did a commercial on “SNL” that I thought was very funny.

Lindsay: Coin slot cream? I love that commercial. We go.

Lindsay: It’s so funny.

Lindsay: There’s hand moisturizer for your hands.

Lindsay: And face moisturizer for your face.

Lindsay: What about moisturizer for your coin slot?

[ Laughter ]

Lindsay: With today’s low-cut fashions, your coin slot is exposed to
sun and wind.

Lindsay: That can leave your slot dry and flaky. Introducing new coin slot cream from Neutrogena.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Jay: It looks real.

Lindsay: They did a full-on, serious Neutrogena commercial. And we watched all the girls Neutrogena commercials and they have them on repeat just
playing. And they really do make them do that in the commercials, like jump around and dance.

Jay: Now, were you using a a double on that, or was that you?

Lindsay: We did it and then they used a double for, like, pickups ’cause I had to go. You shoot it really early in the morning, super early.

Jay: So, are there, like, coin slot models that come in?

[ Laughter ] I mean, here’s my 8 by 10.

Lindsay: I just picked someone with a a good —

Jay: Now, I got to ask you, as an attractive young actress, you’re hooked to all these — I always see you hooked up with these guys in the tabloids. Tell me, I’ll show you some guys and you tell me what you think.

Lindsay: I don’t really want to answer this question.

Jay: You have to answer the question, now. You’re still a teenager.

Lindsay: Someone just said that to me. I never dated him.

Jay: You never went out with him?

Lindsay: I’ve hung out, at, like, a a club. I’ve seen him out.

Jay: Would you go out with him?

Lindsay: Would I? He has a girlfriend, I think.

Jay: Oh, okay. Let mesk you, here’s the question. Is it better if a
guy is more famous or less famous?

Lindsay: It depends.

Jay: You don’t want a guy in depends, that’s bad.

[ Laughter ]

Lindsay: I think all guys wear depends, no offense. Men never grow up.

Jay: How about this guy?

Lindsay: I have no comment.

Jay: Oh, no comment.

Lindsay: I have no comment. I just have no comment! Like, no.

Jay: You know he gained 50 pounds?

Lindsay: I worked with him, jay. When he gained 50 pounds.

Jay: How about this guy?

Lindsay: He’s a great actor.

Jay: Great actor, would you go out with him? He’s 31, though. Is that too old?

Lindsay: Oh, my god. I can’t believe you’re doing this to me. I’m never gonna have a a boyfriend.

Jay: Joaquin Phoenix?

[ Laughter ]

Lindsay: Any guy that I would date — o’s the next that you have, ’cause it’s scaring me.

[ Laughter ]

Jay: No, no. You can’t see the next one until you — 31 too old?

Lindsay: Age is only a number.

Jay: Age is only a number?

Lindsay: Yeah.

Jay: Carrot top?

[ Laughter and applause ]

Lindsay: He’s got a great personality. And our hair colors. Mine changes all the time, though.

Jay: That’s usually what I get. “Oh, jay has a great personality.” All right, I’ll tell you what, we’ll take a break.

Lindsay: What am I supposed to say?

Jay: That’s what I mean, you’re being kind. All right, we’ll take a
break. More with lindsay right after this.

Jay: Welcome back. Talking with Lindsay Lohan.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Lindsay: I just wanted to say, everybody over there, you guys look great.

Jay: Now, I just saw you on the cover with Meryl Streep. Show that picture, where is that cover?

Lindsay: I’m looking at the TV.

Jay: There it is right there, yeah. Now, you did a movie with her,

Lindsay: Yes, I did.

Jay: It doesn’t get any better than that.

Lindsay: Very lucky to be able to work with her.

Jay: Now,s that intimidating? I mean, you’re a young actress and she’s got, what, 13 academy award nominations.

Lindsay: Oh, god. Cf1 o that’s a lot. She’s amazing. She’s one of the most — she’s an amazing wife, mother, actress.

Jay: And she’s such a normal I mean, she’s, I met her a a number of times, she’s just


Lindsay: She’s just so comforting and warm. And I really can’t say enough it sounds like I’m really just kissing her ass, but I’1 person.

Jay: Did she give you advice? Did she say, hey, you know, I guess she started —

Lindsay: She has younger daughters and one of them is my age, too. Yeah, we talked about everything. I mean, she’s so amazing. Everyone on
that set.

Jay: And what movie is that?

Lindsay: “A prairie home companion.” And everyone sings live in it,
it’s great. Virginia Madsen is wonderful and had such nice things to say
about me. A Robert Altman. So lucky to be able to work with that guy.

Jay: And you’re working with Jane Fonda in something coming out?

Lindsay: Jane Fonda and felicity huffman and ? Garry marshall is directing, “Georgia Rule.” So, that I’m very excited for.

Lindsay: Ja have you met her before? Have you met, do you know Jane

Lindsay: We have not met.

Jay: Oh, you haven’t met her before? Okay, she’s been here a couple
times, she’s very nice. Can you think of any of her movies that you’ve seen? Hey, that’s my favorite, too. At are the odds of that? Well, “clue” she won the academy award for “Clue.”

Jay: That was back in 1941.

I’m really lucky to be able to work with all of the people that I’m
working with, jay. A wax figure. Is it at Madame Tussaud’s wax

Lindsay: Yeah, I didn’t know about this, which was the funny part. I
had no idea. I went on the internet and my sister was googling me. And she
sees, she’s like, “Lindsay, you have a wax figure?” I said, “yeah, well,
that’s a a pretty good outfit.”

Jay: Well, let’s see — that’s your wax figure? How much is that? I’d buy that. That’d be fun to have.

[ Laughter ] Just put it in the car and drive around. “Hey, there’s
jay driving around with Lindsay.” You know, I’m in the wax —

Lindsay: Down to the purse that I have, it’s so funny. It looks like
me from the side.

Jay: Now yours looks like you, look at mine. I’m actually in the wax — look at that, that doesn’t look like me at all.

[ Laughter ] I look like mr. Potato head.

Lindsay: He’s not wearing denim on denim. You remember when I first
came on the show, and I said denim on denim was my pet peeve? Jay wears that to work every day.

Jay: Is it still your pet peeve?

Lindsay: Yeah. One of them.

Jay: All right. Now, tell us about the movie . “Just for luck.” You
play —

Lindsay: “Just my luck.”

Jay: “Just my luck.” Now, you play, like, a rich girl, right? And what happens?

Lindsay: We, no, she’s a hard worker, she’s just out of college, she
has a great job, ironically as a publicist, I work with them every day. And she takes her luck for granted in everything that she has she doesn’t really appreciate it. And she loses her luck to this guy who really doesn’t have, he’s sol. I’m afraid to swear.

Jay: Apparently not.

[ Laughter ]

Lindsay: Well, I said it quietly. I mean, let me just tell the story.

Jay: Go ahead.

Lindsay: So basically, she loses her luck with the exchange of a& a kiss. It’s my first romantic comedy and it’s nice to kind of have a a
good message in it as well. Don’t take things for granted, appreciate everything
that comes to you. I feel very blessed and lucky, as well, too.

Jay: Now, let’s see. What happens this clip? This is when you wake up.

Lindsay: She’s big fashion, so it’s fun to dress well.

Jay: This is the next day when you realize your bad luck is just starting, is that what happens here?

Lindsay: Yeah, the bad luck. She’s staying in her friend’s apartment, everything went underwater.

Jay: Let’s take a look.

Lindsay: I never noticed. Is your cat all black?

Lindsay: Yeah. Why?

Lindsay: Just curious. This is nice. We’ll have Everything’s gonna be — oh, my god.

Lindsay: What?

Lindsay: I have a zit. I have a zit. Girls, I have a zit!

[ Screaming ]

Lindsay: Ash, are you okay in there?

Lindsay: Oh, my god. Oh, wow.

Lindsay: Ashley!

[ Screaming and crashing ]

Lindsay: Ash!

[ Cheers and applause ]

Jay: You make your own luck.

Lindsay: I do a lot of physical comedy.

Jay: Very funny. I know you have to go —

Lindsay: I walk into doors.

Lindsay: You have your premiere tonight?

Lindsay: Yeah, I’m going there right now.

Jay: Are you going to change into the red one? Are you gonna put the
red one on for this?

Lindsay: No, I have a long white one.

Jay: You have another one? Thanks, kiddo.

Lindsay: My friend jackie’s here, too, in the back.

Jay: You’ll be 20 the next . Time I see you.

Lindsay: Yes, oh, my go

Jay: There you go.

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