Lindsay Lohan Promotes New Album On ‘The Tonight Show’

Lindsay Lohan 'A Little More Personal (Raw)'

thrilled an audience of military men on ‘The Tonight Show with Jay Leno’ on Thursday, where she was promoting her new album ‘A Litte More Personal (Raw)’ and the DVD release of ‘Herbie: Fully Loaded’. Lohan later stuck her foot in her mouth by discussing her character in the new film ‘Bobby’, where she plays a woman two marries four different men for the purpose of getting them out of having to go to Vietnam. Lohan twice defended the character, telling the military audience it was “for a good cause” that she enabled draft dodgers, prompting a few catcalls from the crowd. Read on for a rough transcript.

Jay: My first guest is one of the most popular young actresses around.
She’s a favorite of ours. Her movie “herbie: Fully loaded” is out on dvd,
and she’s got a new cd right here. It’s called “a little more personal.”
It’s cled “raw.” It comes out december 6th. Please welcome the lovely lindsay

[ Cheers and applause ]

Lindsay: Hello.

Jay: Wow. Very cool.

[ Cheers and applause ] Wow. Oh.

[ Cheers and applause ] Well, thanks for coming.

Lindsay: Wow. Thank you for having me.

Jay: Especially ’cause —

Lindsay: Hi, boys and girls.

Jay: When it was thanksgiving, and we told her that, you know, you guys
were going to be the audience tonight, she said, “oh, I’ll come. No matter
what, I’ll come.” So thank you for coming. Now, do you have a favorite
branch? Is it the navy?

[ Cheers and applause ]

Lindsay: I love you all!

Jay: Coast guard? Coast guard?

Lindsay: I mean, let’s hear it for the coast guard.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Jay: You got the army?

[ Cheers and applause ]

Lindsay: Air force. What about the air force?

[ Cheers and applause ]

Jay: You got the marines. How about — and the air force.

Lindsay: Andhe air force.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Jay: That sounds like — you have a thing for the air force?

Lindsay: Well, I mean, top gun.

Jay: Oh, top gun.

[ Cheers and applause ]

[ Scattered boos ]

Lindsay: No, don’t get me wrong. I love you all so much.

[ Laughter ] You’re making me feel bad now.

Jay: Now you have a new look. Now, you were blonde the last time.

Lindsay: I was.

Jay: Okay. So — I like this. It looks cool. Now why is it dark? Is
it for a —

Lindsay: It’s dark for a movie that I’m doing.

Jay: Oh, okay.

Lindsay: It’s about the assassination of bobby kennedy.

Jay: Oh, okay. So you’re doing a ’60s kind of —

Lindsay: Yes.

Jay: Okay, see, that’s my era. What do you want tknow about the ’60s?

[ Laughter ] Does it seem like — does it look — a you wearing, like,
hippie clothes and things like that?

Lindsay: No. My character is pretty — actually, she — my character’s
name is diane, and she’s still alive. And she married men so that they
didn’t have to go off to vietnam. And she was an activist in her own way.

Jay: Oh, okay.

Lindsay: Kind of —

Jay: The crowd is gonna jump all over that, yeah.

Lindsay: She only married four men.

Jay: She married four different men?

Lindsay: Yeah. And then she felt like people would catch onto her. But
it was for a good cause. You know.

[ Laughter ] Someone said, “sweet.”

Jay: The crowd is getting edgy. I’m going to move on, on that one.

[ Laughter now you’re naturally — you’re a redhead, right?

Lindsay: Yeah.

Jay: Now, do people treat is it weird? Do you notice any —

Lindsay: I don’t know. I feel like — I feel a bit classier with the
darker hair than I did with the blonde.

Jay: Classy, really?

Lindsay: Yeah, there’s a t of blondes out in L.A., Boy.

Jay: Yeah, yeah.

[ Laughter ] So you feel — do you feel smarter?

Lindsay: I think I always tried to feel smart anyway.

[ Laughter ] No, it’s nice to change.

Jay: Yeah. Oh, yeah, I like it. You look very cute.

Lindsay: I will be back to my red hair, soon.

Jay: Yeah, no, I like it. It’s pretty. Now, your whole family is here.

Lindsay: I have a huge posse.

Jay: Your dressing room is, like, stuffed with every relative.

Lindsay: Yes.

Jay: You, the dark haired one, and that one’s this on and that one.

Lindsay: I have three siblings?

Jay: They’re all here visiting you?

Lindsay: Yes.

Jay: Okay, so at are they doing? What kind of stuff are they they come
from back east, from new york?

Lindsay: Yeah, I’m from new york.

Jay: Okay.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Lindsay: Power of new york. In L.A.? They like it?

Lindsay: They’re visiting me. It was like pulling teeth to get them
out here, I swear. But they’re here with me, and it’s really nice to have
them thanksgiving so I don’t have to be by myself.

Jay: Aw. See, that’s the opposite. I can’t get them to go home. How
do you — you have to drag them out here? They don’t want to fly out here.

Jay: Right, okay. So who cooks?& Do you cook?

Lindsay: I do cook.

Jay: Really?

Lindsay: Yes. I’m a good cook.

Jay: Really? So what’s your specialty? What do you cook?

[ Cheers and applause ] I should have brought some. No, I do — I do
good pancakes, too.

Jay: Hey, you’re going to fallujah, buddy.

[ Laughter ] He just came back, yeah.

Lindsay: I feel like I’m at some, like, party with all you guys here.
This is awesome.

Jay: Now, I gotta ask you. Now, your brother is here, right?

Lindsay: Yeah.

Jay: Now, does he —

Lindsay: I have two brothers.

Jay: He’s 18.?

Lindsay: Michael, who’s 18.

Jay: 18, so you’re practically the same age. Do you guys hang out and
do stuff? Do you, like, go shopping? Or is he, like, icky, your brother,
keep him away?

Lindsay: He actually — we went shping the other day, got him some stuff,
some nice blazers. Boys don’t really like to shop.

Jay: No, it’s awful. It’s a nightmare.

Lindsay: No, he’s a jock. Total jock.

Jay: Well, let me ask you. Now, does he go out with, like, friends of
yours? Sitting in the back, and I do have to see him right after this.

Jay: Well, I mean, like, does he ever want to go out or do you encourage
it or what?

Lindsay: No, I encourage it. But he’s been out with me a few nights
that we’ve been in L.A.

Jay: Yeah.

Lindsay: And his friend got a girl’s

Lindsay: And then my brother said he wanted to go. He’s like, “okay,
we’re going to leave the table now. We’re going to go look for some . So
I got — and I’m his big sister. Of course I’m not going to be, like “oh,
yeah, wer to you, go find some hot chick, take her home.” No, not okay.
Not okay.

[ Cheers ]

Jay: Not okay? So what have you told him? What have you told him?

Lindsay: I know how girls can be.

Jay: Well, how can they be? Tell me.

Lindsay: Manipulative.

Jay: Really?

[ Cheers and applause ] Like in what way?

Lindsay: I’m not saying I am.

Jay: Not you, of course. Well, have you ever been manipulative with
a guy?

Lindsay: Yeah.

Jay: Like what?

[ Laughter ] Give me — give me an example of what manipulation woulde?

Lindsay: I don’t know. If you — I’ve done this on a few occasions.
I — this is really —

Jay: No, go ahead.

Lindsay: I’m really calling myself out now. You know, if you’re with
a y and you know other guy friends, you say,well, call me in an hour,”
and then you’re with the other guy and this other guy’s calling.

Jay: Oh, to make the guy & jealous?

Lindsay: A little jealous.

Jay: Ooh, ooh.&

Lindsay: But that’s not a good thing. I mean it’s nice to have —

Jay: Does it work?

Lindsay: Yeah, so far.

Jay: Yeah.

[ Laughter ] See?

[ Cheers and applause ] Exactly.

Lindsay: Now it won’T.

Jay: Ooh, more tips right after this. Be right back with lindsay, right
after this.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Lindsay: If you have bad service in a restaurant, would you know what
to do? Should you suffer in silence or complain? “Inside edition” takes
a hidden camera inside a restaurant to show you the right way to complain.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Jay: Talking with lindsay lohan. You know, I was thinking about this.
Remember the first time you were here?

Lindsay: The — oh, geez. Are you going to show a a picture?

Jay: I’ve got better than a a picture. It’s hilarious. It’s amazing
how little you were.

Lindsay: Hilarious?

Jay: No, you were 12 when you were here. Show that tape. Cf1 o now,
do you look forward to —

[ Cheers ] You’re only, what, four years away from driving?

Lindsay: I’m excited. I drive on the lawn sometimes.

Jay: You drive on the lawn?

Lindsay: Yeah, I mean, it’s not like I’m a bad driver. I mean I was
driving —

Jay: But you’re 12. You shouldn’t be any kind of driver.

[ Laughter ] It’s not about being a good driver or a bad driver. You
should be no driver.

Lindsay: I was driving our tractor once.

Jay: Oh, you have a tractor?

Lindsay: Yeah, I drove into a tree. Cf1 o

Jay: Probably the only tree in the yard, isn’t it?

Lindsay: Yes.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Jay: Well, there you go. Some things never change.

Lindsay: What happened there? I was so sweet and innocent. And innocent.
You’re still sweet and innocent.

Lindsay: I still am.&

Jay: Yeah, exactly. Innocent. I was looking at this cd here.

[ Laughter ] So explain the red — the red marking.

Lindsay: It’s a japanese symbol. It means raw.

Jay: It means raw?

Lindsay: So the cd is titled “a little more personal, raw.” It comes
out december 6th.

Jay: Now, we had a debate over someone. We — is that a tattoo down

Lindsay: Yes.

Jay: That is a tattoo. What does that say?

Lindsay: It says “la bella vita,” which means “a beautiful life.” It’s
for my grandfather, who passed away.

Jay: Is that one of the songs in here?

Lindsay: Ye.

Jay: Didn’t I see that phrase? Okay.

Lindsay: It was the last song that we wrote for the record.

Jay: Okay.

Lindsay: I wrote most of the record, except for probably two — well,
I mean, I covered two songs.

Jay: Okay.&

Lindsay: I did “edge of seventeen,” stevie nicks, cheap trick.

Jay: And I like your notes in the back. You talk abt your grandmother
and everybody and thank everybody. That’s very nice. I mean, I thought
it was really sweet.

Lindsay: Well, I better. Without them, I wouldn’t be here.

Jay: Well, that’s what I mean. Well, a lot of people kind of forget

Lindsay: No, my family means the world to me. Just playing “8 mile,”
we have the beat and raymond was & battling.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Jay: Now —

[ Cheers and applause ] Of course. Now, did you —

[ Cheers and applause ]

Lindsay: From the marines.

Jay: Did you have to get grandma’s approval for this tattoo? Does she
know about this?

Lindsay: Yes, I was on the phone with & my grandmother when I got

Jay: Really?

Lindsay: Because she’s italian. I wasn’t sure. People were telling me
all different ways to say it.& And I said I don’t have wrong cf1 o
meaning on my back tattooed for life. But she, yeah, she knew. My mother
didn’t know. My grandmother did.

Jay: Is that the only tattoo?

Lindsay: No, I have a star right here.

Jay: Oh, okay.

Lindsay: And I just want to get breathe for john lennon.

Jay: Oh, okay. That’s right. You’re going to do the john lennon movie.

Lindsay: Yeah.

Jay: Right, okay. Very cool. Now, did it hurt getting a a tattoo?

Lindsay: This one kind of freaked me out a bit more.

Jay: Yeah, right on the vein is not a good idea.

Lindsay: This thing hurt. I was eating ice cream when I got this one.
I was just scked that it didn’t hurt.

Jay: So they give you ice cream?

Lindsay: I was distracting myself.

Jay: Were you 9 when you got this one?

[ Laughter ] “And here’s an ice cream.”

Lindsay: 9?!

Lindsay: Jayokay, you’re going to get your tattoo, here’s aqui esta

Lindsay: No, it was actually in new orleans when I was filming my last
movie that comes out in march.&

Jay: Okay, so you go down, I read in the tabloids you’re dating — is
it jared — is it leto? Is that the guy —

Lindsay: Whoo? Is that the same jared?

[ Laughter ]

Lindsay: I don’t know. You mean jordan catalano? No.

Jay: See, they said you were engaged. Finger.

Jay: Oh, it’s the other finger.

[ Cheers and applause ] So there’s nothing to that? Now these — these
guys would like to know what kind of guys do you find attractive?

[ Cheers and shouting ] What age? What age would you want — what are
you, 19 now?

Lindsay: There are men that are fighting for our country. Men that —
what was that?

Jay: I said, “what age would you want to get married?” You’re 19 now.

Lindsay: If I’m in love with someone, then — I mean, after 21.

Jay: After 21.

Lindsay: Yeah.

Jay: Two more, two more years of going crazy?

Lindsay: But, I mean, if I fell in love with one of you guys right now,
then —

[ Cheers and applause ]

Jay: You know. I don’t believe these men could fall in love in an hour.
It would take longer.

[ Laughter ]

Lindsay: I think there is such a a thing as love at first sight.

Jay: You think — do believe in love at first sight?

Lindsay: I mean, I can’t see everyone back there. I think I need to
come up —

[ Cheers and applause ]

Jay: Do you believe in love . At first sight?

Lindsay: Yeah.

Jay: Yeah?

Lindsay: I haven’t had that experience.

Jay: You haven’t had that experience?

Lindsay: Yet, but I have some time.

Jay: You’ve got plenty of time.

Lindsay: Knock on wood..

Jay: You’ve got plenty of time. All right, well, listen, congratulations
on “raw,” is the new cd. And “herbie: Fully loaded” is out on dvd.

[ Chee and applause ] Thank you for coming

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