Lindsay Lohan Receives Apparent Legal Threat From Michael

has been slamming her father Michael on her Twitter (@LindsayLohan) recently, and the media friendly dad apparently as furious with the 23-year-old, contacting her with a threat that she’s since removed. LiLo writes:

Anyone else have a father that sells fake stories on them for money & dates a girl that works for tabloids? And has never paid child support?
Don’t you think he’d learn after years of being in jail on and off?
@unwritten_life its too late in the game for him to learn…… It just hurts me and my family that he uses us for attention, OVER EXPOSURE

Lohan then told followers:

My father just sent me this as I was leaving my gym “I told you to stop Linds this is the last time and take down the tweet about me HURTING MOM.. You will be getting a call from SOMEBODY today to end you.”

Slams George Lopez Over Powdered Shoes Jokes

lashed out at George Lopez on Twitter (@lindsaylohan) the other day after the funnyman made a joke about the 23-year-old being photographed with white powder on her shoes during his TBS talk show on Monday night. LiLo told Lopez:

@georgelopez thanks for the childish comment regarding baby powder in my shoes to loosen up the leather* don’t you have kids?
@georgelopez U wouldn’t wanna hear that about them, or would you? Act like a grown man, have some respect and dignity for yourself.

Lopez responded:

@lindsaylohan let’s take this off twitter .. Come on the show .. I’ve met you before and don’t have anything against you .
@lindsaylohan you want me to stop talking about you I will .. Come and tell me .. To my face .. I’ll stop !! Respectfully.

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