Lindsay Lohan: Samantha Ronson Has “Done Nothing But Break My Heart”

Apparently and on/off girlfriend are fighting again, and the 23-year-old is again taken to broadcasting her side of the story to the world on her Twitter (@lindsaylohan). LiLo writes moments ago:

@samantharonson every interview asked about u…I couldn’t respond due2lack of information on our current status..& yes, our relat-is public

@samantharonson every1 hears anything&everything about our life neway*y not give them the truth?ur friends r happy, every1 u abide by when-

@samantharonson when you give in more&more to their childish, superficial antics…U TAUGHT me about our “friends” in LA, them coming b/t us

@samantharonson *them being PART OF our “1 on 1” relationship..I took the biggest chance of my life w/u&u’ve done nothing but break my heart

@samantharonson there….. Public enough 4 your friends&family? Let them know that you stayed w/me in singapore. Shame on them 4 encouraging

@samantharonson you to lie. That’s not love….. I guess you’re right…. Your family is probably right too….sorry for falling for you

Update: Lohan has since deleted the tweets.

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One thought on “Lindsay Lohan: Samantha Ronson Has “Done Nothing But Break My Heart”

  1. viv says:

    Lindsay Lohan does this to samantha ronson because she hates being in the public eye, sam never tweets a thing about lilo

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