Lindsay Lohan Shops At Louis Vuitton In St. Barts

Lindsay Lohan shopped at Louis Vuitton in Saint Barthelemy on Saturday (January 2) while on vacation with friends and family. Check out pictures from Daily Mail.

Lindsay Lohan Lashes Out At Us Airways

Lindsay Lohan is lashing out at Us Airways to her Twitter followers (@lindsaylohan) because of troubles returning home to New York after her, friends and family celebrated the new year in St. Barts. The 23-year-old writes:

Us Airways – don’t fly them

Still driving … I got stuck in St Barths because of no available outgoing flights! Then when we were at our connection flight back to NY

So then, airline “SAYS” the flight was delayed, and IT WASN’T-so we of course, what happens next? We miss the flight last night-LAST 1!!!!

What happens next….? Me, my sis and fam friend refuse to stay in Charlotte, North Carolina and rent a car!

So, now we’ve been driving for hours back home – Road Trip styles! I just woke up to snow! Beaches and waves to SNOW and 30degrees. Happy New Year!!

Oh… May Hertz Rentals have a wonderful year, just for our services home! Lol* and Dunkin Donuts for coffee keeping our friend awake to drive!

Oh and Sirius radio has MAJORLY helped…… Not enough sleep yet-delirious, yes I am….. Night night all :) lol wow been a long one!*

My sister looks like a beautiful little precious angel sleeping in the back seat :) ** my turn to sleep

P.S. Clarifying – I’m NOT THE DRIVER!!!!! Geez, people and assumptions! I’m the passenger darlings xo

Lindsay Lohan Stretches With Ali In St. Barts

Lindsay Lohan and her sister Ali prepared for departure with a few stretches at the St. Barts airport on Tuesday (January 5). While waiting for their flight, Lindsay got a neck massage by an unknown man while her sister ordered a chicken salad that Lindsay picked a few lettuce leafs from. Check out pictures from Zimbio.

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