Lindsay Lohan Sings Stevie Nicks Karaoke Tune In Beverly Hills

was videotaped singing karaoke to her idol Stevie Nicks’ classic ‘Edge of Seventeen’ at Guy’s in Beverly Hills, California the other night. Life & Style had reported just days ago Lohan wants to star as Nicks in a biopic. “She says that movies like ‘Ray’ and ‘Walk the Line’ are good examples of the kinds of projects she’d like to do,” the insider told the tabloid. “She feels like she’s found a dream role in a story about Stevie Nicks at the height of Fleetwood Mac’s fame. Lindsay loves the music of that era, and [people] have told her she has the same distinctive gravelly voice as Stevie’s.” But if her karaoke performance is any indication, producers of such a film will need to do a lot of mixing.

Footage of the performance at TMZ has since been removed. Footage of Lindsay outside the club at X17 has since been removed.

Elliot Mintz: Lengthy Conversation Leads Paris & Lindsay To Make Up

Speaking to ‘Access Hollywood’, Paris Hilton’s publicist Elliot Mintz said and the heiress resolving their differences was the result of an extended discussion. “About three hours after responding to Lindsay’s original accusation against Paris the three ladies (Paris, Lindsay and Britney Spears) found themselves at another party together,” Elliot told ‘Access’. “This time the three went into a private room and had a lengthy conversation. It must have gone well, because Paris, Lindsay and Brit all left together in Paris’ car. I would like to believe that Paris and Lindsay have worked through their issues. Besides, it’s almost Christmas.”

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